Destined For You

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Soulmate au

No, not him.

Panto risked dropping his sword as stared utterly transfixed at the exposed skin of the back of Silas' hand. His glove had fallen off during their duel (and he was being rather generous calling it that) but it wasn't till Panto had disarmed and knocked Silas down on to the damp forest floor that he noticed the blossoming flower marking the back of his hand.

No, not a Dengamor.

Seeing anyone's soulmate mark was rare - least of all his enemies. Seeing anyone's soulmark was often seen as an intimate experience, reserved for lovers. Usually such soulmarks were hidden by the leather gloves that were in fashion for that exact reason. Silas was no exception and on the rare occasions that Panto saw him, he had never seen his mark. Expect from now, in the aftermath of their fight, Silas had lost his left glove, exposing his hand and by extension, his soulmark.

Panto could have used it to his advantage a hundred different ways if it didn't match his own.

Which could only mean one truth: Silas Dengamor was his soulmate.

Panto moved away from him quickly, despite having the upper hand in the situation since Silas was currently injured, disarmed and had his eyes squeezed tight, wincing for the final impact that would never come. Panto removed his foot from Silas' chest and lowered his weapon. Silas opened his eyes, fluttering his dark eyelashes. He looked around confused at the fact Panto had taken his leg off his chest and stopped pinning him down.

"You did not- but-" Silas spluttered, still lying on the forest floor. Panto wished he'd get up and move from such a vulnerable position, he was trying hard to forget that he was meant to be fighting the Dengamor. He had a good reason too - Silas had been trespassing on his land.

Panto tried glancing at the flower on his hand again but Silas had already moved it away - instinctually protecting his soulmark - and was standing up. His opportunity for second glances were lost now unless he asked to see it, something he refused on principle. 

Panto kept his sword pointed in the direction of Silas, shaking slightly nervously. "Do not return to Trost land," he added sternly, although Panto wasn't sure he truly meant it.

Silas nodded, his pretty brown eyes darting around the forest nervously. He scrambled to his feet, still staring at Panto in confusion. He understood why - their families were at war and by extent they were born to be enemies. Panto smiled - for the first time - at him and Silas nodded again, seemingly understand the temporary offer of peace he was being offered. The action meant breaking eye contact which left Panto with a strange sense of disappointment. He watched as Silas sprinted west in the direction of his own home and back to the protection of his bodyguard, no doubt.

Panto knew he should return to his own home too but he couldn't bring himself to move from the spot where Silas' glove lay innocently on the muddy ground. It was made of green leather and was still warm when he picked it up. Panto inspected it, not sure what to expect. It was hard to process this was the glove that hid Silas' soulmate mark from the world. That Silas' mark was identical to his own which could only mean one thing. One truth so loud he couldn't ignore it no matter how uncomfortable it was to accept.

If Silas Dengamor was his soulmate, Panto wasn't sure if fate was trustworthy as he was raised to believe. He had always dreamed - privately - of meeting the man who's soulmark matched his own but the last man he expected it to be was Silas Dengamor. They were star crossed already and Panto still wasn't convinced he and Silas would make a good match. He was a great swordsman and Silas lacked the skill - he was easy to beat in all their fights. And Panto couldn't let go of the fact they were enemies.

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