The last Interview (Part 11)

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Once I wake up, Invidia was entering my room to wake me up. Guess I beat her to it. 

"Well," She says, "Since you're up, you might as well brush your teeth and take your shower. You're interview is just in a couple of hours!" She says in excitement. I kind of feel a bit cranky, since I had more night terrors on the Hunger Games. After brushing my teeth, I take a shower longer than I used to. After that, my stylists dress me in a maroon suit with a black tie, resembling a house with bricks.

Once I'm in my outfit, we go to the Capitol. We have to wait for a couple of hours to go on stage since we arrived there much earlier than they anticipated. I don't bother watching any Games, since I just participated in one and its fresh in my head. Its funny, since it can turn the strongest into some of the most depressed people out there. 

After hours of daydreaming, I get called by Gaius, "Please welcome our winner, Magnus Sterlingshre!" The crowd goes nuts. I try my best to act genuinely exited. "Now, before we talk, lets show everyone a little re-run of the Games!" he says. The crowd goes nuts again. I see the bloodbath commence. I especially hate this time, since I can see that we're all working together, with all of us knowing that we would have to kill each other later anyways. Later, a couple of days later, I see some tributes fight with each other, but not with us. Finally, the tv shows me and the careers killing each other. It was really surprising to see that there weren't any mutts or sponsors this year. "So, Magnus," Gaius says, "Did you want to partner with anyone besides the careers?"

"Absolutely not", I say. "I think everyone else but them were pathetic in every single way!". The crowd laughs. 

"Well, (while laughing) I wouldn't say that",  the last tribute that wasn't a career killed 3 people!". I didn't know that. Props to whoever did that. "Why did you volunteer?" He asks. 

"Well, it was because I've wanted to be in these Games for so long. I really wanted to bring pride to my district and show that District 2 is the best out of all of them!" Not much happens after this, just the same questions he asks every year. I try to look amused to what he's saying. 

"Well, that wraps up our time. Please bring a round of applause to Magnus Sterlingshre, from District 2, winner of the 26th annual Hunger Games!!!"

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