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Taehyung's POV

First love. Isn't that supposed to stay with you forever? Isn't that supposed to be your whole world? Or are those just myths? Just fairytales or just words? That I heard from father's mouth.

If no, then why didn't it stay? Why did she leave me here to face the cruel world all alone? Did she not feel the same for me as I felt for her?

Oh, I loved her so much. And, I still do.

Those sunny days, I still remember. We used to walk hand in hand on that river bank. She made flower tiaras for me while I played there. She fed me with the things she brought for me there, while I silently admired her.

She was my whole world, but maybe I never meant anything for her. I remember her flawless smile, that she usually gave me. I pinched her cheeks often.

She used to let me lay my head on her lap. She hummed for me, and even though she never knew, I was always just pretending to sleep whenever I heard her whisper I love you in my ear and kissing my forehead. Those were the days of my childhood, which I enjoyed the most.

Then, slowly I grew up. I started going to school. I made friends because of the personality I had and my face, which I mostly got from her.

Even though she thought so, I never forgot her when I made friends. I loved her till the end of the world, but maybe she didn't.

She never loved me even half as much as I did. That is the reason why she left me alone forever.

I have a memory of that day. I was five. It was a sunny afternoon. Jumping and running, I entered my house, where I saw my Dad sitting on a chair, weeping. I slowly approached him.

"Dad? Aigoo why are you crying champion?" I tried to confront him.

He wiped off his tears when he heard me. "Have you met your Mother?" He asked me, to which I shook my head.

He stood up and picked me, heading to Mom's room.

There she laid on the bed, all cold and lifeless. Her skin was pale and lips were dry. She didn't have any hair, she had never had any ever since I was born.

"Mom." I murmured. She had always responded to that, but not that day. "Mom. MOM!" I shouted at the third attempt to attract her attention, but she didn't listen.

I wasn't panicked at all, but just upset. "MOM!!!" I shouted again. "Do you want a pooch." I asked as I kissed her forehead and cheeks.

She simply didn't respond to any of these. Father looked at me with pathetic eyes. "Tae...She is no more alive." He almost whispered.

I looked away from her. "Where is Hyuna?" I asked about my twin. "She is sent to her Aunt's. Do you wanna go too?" My father was concerned now by my changed behaviour. I shook my head and went to my room. Locking it, I cried my heart out.

Watching people die is hard, but it's harder remembering that time when they promised that they would never leave.

She promised me, didn't she? Then why did she break it?

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There is a sudden change in the POV as you see. I thought that when Y/N's first love is being mentioned, then why to leave Tae behind? >_<

Thanks a lot to all of you who are reading this. ❤❤❤
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