To fear love, and to love the frightful

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<3 Hello. *wave* This is the PG13 chapter from my book "When death takes notice". Please visit my other book to read the unsensured mature version, or stay here if you dont want to rip into the juicy parts. And as always thank you so much for reading, and for voting on the parts of the book which you enjoy, your attention is really starting to thaw my frozen heart.

Warning! This sensured chapter is still contains content that might be disturbing to some <3



"Strip and crawl into that bed, now!"

A long heavy silence filled the room as I stared at him with wide eyes. My mind screamed at me to get out of harms way, screamed at me to move.

Just do what he fucking wants! Its so damn easy, just pull the t-shirt up over your head and drop it to the floor, then slide your panties down, walk over to the bed and crawl into into it, and wait for him like the good girl he wants you to be. Do it now! Do it! Do it! Do it!

I sat frozen in the chair, unable to move a single muscle by my own will. My ragged breath came in small gasps as I watched him slowly close the distance between us.

Damn, damn, damn, damn! Why cant you just move. Just do what he wants! Its not like you yourself didnt want it less than five minutes ago!

But I couldnt move. I might have been burning for him earlier, but nothing but fear remained.

"You are not moving love." I tried to tilt my head up and look up at his face, but my eyes where locked on his legs before me, I just could not move.

"It would be wise to stand up, and walk over to that bed by your own two legs right about now."

My wide eyes took in his hand in their peripheral vision as it moved around my head. I winced as his fingers intertwined themselvs in the fine hair at the back of my head, and tugged. My head was forced to tilt back, my blurry eyes met his dark menacing orbs. I wanted to stand up, to run from the room, but there wasnt enough space between us for me to actually stand up. I opened my mouth to say something, to beg him, but no sound left my quivering lips. And then I started to cry, a low fearfull whimper escaped my lips as my tears rained down my cold cheeks.

"Fuck." His fist slammed into the wall behind me, it stopped my tears for a second, before they came back in full force.

"Dont cry." His voice sounded almost paniced as he gathered my trembling form in his arms, and lifted me up from the chair.

My fists gripped on to his shirt as if it was a damned life preserver. I was so wretched, I wanted nothing more than to run away from him screaming at the top of my lunges, but I was instead seeking comfort in his forced embrace. He sat down on the bed, and held me in his arms as he gently stroked my back with his warm hand.

"Shhhh... Dont cry.. shhhh.. I.. I didnt... just stop... dont cry...shhhhh...." His tortured voice broke.

His lips found my face, his tongue lapped away at the tears that were soaking my ashen skin. I tried to calm my breathing, to stop my tears from falling, I tried to tell myself that the threat was miles away.

Its safe, calm down. Its safe, he is here, he is holding you. Bryan is here, its safe. Bryan will keep you safe, he promised. Bryan is safe. Bryan is safe. Bryan will keep you safe, he is safe. Bryan is safe.

I leaned into his soft kisses, and tilted my head to the side untill out lips met. He tensed against me for a brief moment before he twisted our bodies around in a flurry, trapping my own form beneath his own. He stared down at me, his black pools drowning in need as they searched my face.

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