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Ariel's mom was was murdered by Captain Hook.

If you've ever watched Peter Pan closely, you might have noticed that one of the mermaids swimming around Neverland bares a striking resemblance to The Little Mermaid's Ariel.

While some think this might be the underwater princess herself, there is a far more logical conclusion: that it is in fact her mother.

In the direct-to-video prequel, Ariel's Beginning, we learn that Ariel's mom was killed by pirates.

Anyone who's watched Peter Pan knows that Captain Hook and the mermaids hate one another.

What's more, Ariel's father, King Triton, has a very strong disdain of humans.

This makes sense when you consider that they were the ones to blame for his wife's death.

Now, we're not sure if some random pirate did her in, if it was a hit and run either unknowingly or knowingly with their ship, or Captain Hook outright murdered her.

But given the latter's evil streak and his fish-killing appropriate appendage, we'd place our bets on that last one.

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