He makes you...

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Not mine from Tumblr (@effingamazayn)
Also this is smut so don't read if you don't like sexual things:)
Harry: Harry's eyes sparked with mischief as he watched you, scrolling down your phone, your legs crossed, nipples erect through the thin t-shirt you wore. "Are you wet for me?" You giggled, blushing a little at his sudden question. You shook your head silently, peeking up at him through thick lashes. "Are you sure?" He asked again, his hand reaching out to feel your already damp panties. "Lay back." He instructed and you did as such, pulling yourself up on your elbows. "What are you doing?" You sighed as he slipped a finger inside of you, smirking as he felt how completely wet you already were. "I'm gonna make you squirt." I answered as though it were nothing, feeling you already clench around him as he added a digit. "You know I can't do that." You laughed at his cockiness, your head falling back, moaning as he moved in and out, curling his fingers upward. "Wanna bet?" He spoke as he moved faster, harder, until you were cumming, the smile of a winner etched onto his face as he held up a hand, completely soaked along with his own t-shirt and the comforter beneath you.

Louis: "Show me." Louis sat back on the bed, his hands resting in his own lap. You did as instructed, your hands reaching to your center, rubbing over yourself before pulling them back to your mouth. Louis groaned and you let out a giggle, resuming touching yourself, peering over your lashes at him. "I'm gonna show you something a little new alright? I've only done it a couple of times." His brow furrowed, nodding as you used your free hand, sliding two fingers inside of yourself, your other hand running circles over your clit. You moaned as you curled your fingers, mimicking the action that gotten yourself to that point the last time. Soon you were losing yourself again, your hips rolling in circles as you grew closer, taking a breath as you allowed yourself to release, squirting past your fingers, staining the bedsheets with your desire, looking up onto to find Louis in awe, mouth parted and his own hand stroking over himself, completely aroused by the sight and sound of you.

Niall: "I feel like I'm gonna pee." Niall chuckled, still leaning over you, your legs pushed back. "You just peed before we started." Niall still laughed, leaning down to kiss your neck. Still, you felt that sensation, growing with every thrust of Niall's hips. "No, no, no, no." The word spilled from your lips over and over, your hands moving to push Niall away from you. Your legs shook and your chest heaved as you came, unable to stop yourself from releasing right on the bed. You flushed with embarrassment, your cheeks reddening and your mouth parting, Niall studying you for a moment before cocking a brow, leaning back down, his mood transitioning from playful to dark at the sight of you squirting from him. "Fuck, that was hot." He groaned as he eased himself into you again for another round, another dose of your personal drug.

Liam: You knew there was the potential that it would happen. He was so deep, bringing you immense amounts of pleasure with each of his thrusts and you could feel it within yourself, that you were coming closer to your climax. "Liam, I'm I'm—" You were unable to finish as it started happening, his hands gripping onto your hips tighter as you rode him, your orgasm squirting out onto his member. Liam's eyes were wide as you stopped and you wondered how he would react, getting different reactions when it'd happened during other times in your life. His reaction came with his own orgasm, pants from his mouth as the thought of giving you that pure, immense pleasure bringing him to his own.

Zayn: "Let's try something new yeah?" The sly grin he wore on his face told you he had big plans in mind. "Just make sure you relax for me." He leaned over top of you, first kissing against your neck and lips, moving over the swell of your breasts. You moaned under his expert touch, anticipating what he could possibly have in store for you. Slender fingers pulled at your panties, wasting no time in slipping inside you. You squirmed a little when he curved his fingers upward, touching a spot you'd never felt before, a new sensation coursing through you. His brow rose in question, making sure you were okay. Your answering moan was enough for him, continuing to pull his fingers back at a quick pace. "Zayn—" You sighed heavily, your chest heaving as an unfamiliar feeling passed through you. You were holding back, gripping the sheets, refusing to release a breath. "Let go for me." Zayn's voice called, his free hand putting pressure on your lower belly, a smirk on his face as you came undone right under his touch, his tone filled with a satisfaction that came from your own. "You ruined my sheets."

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