Chapter 2

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It then hit you after he said the word "Lucifer".

"Sorry, is that meant to mean something? Are you the devil of some sort?" You ask Lucifer.

"Well yes, I am the Devil himself. I come around her to just, y'know, hang out." Lucifer replied with another smile.

"You seem to normally smile at things." You say to him as you back into the crowds while Lucifer was walking towards you.

"Oh, that's just me. What is your name?" He asks you.

"My name is (Y/N). Is that ok?" You reply to him.

"Tell me, (Y/N), what is your biggest desire in life?" Lucifer said while staring straight into your eyes. His eyes were controlling you around.

"To... to have a boyfriend? I don't know." You blurt out.

"Oh, that's nice of you. Do I not seem attractive to you?" Lucifer asks you with another grin on his face.

"Erm... well you do. Kind of." You reply awkwardly. "Let's sit down at the counter and resume this conversation."

"Well, ok then." Lucifer replies.

You and Lucifer walk through the crowd to go to the sit beside the counter.

"Ah! It's such a beautiful night. I wish I could do something right now." Lucifer said to you while sitting up on the stool.

"Like what?" You ask him.

He winks at you and you blush quite a bit.

"Lucifer! How are you?" Maze comes over. She then turns to you, "Oh, and you've seem to have found him."

"Oh, is this him? Oh ok." You reply awkwardly.

Lucifer was nice but he was starting to creep you out.

"I'm so bloody tired in this place." Lucifer said. "Hey, would you mind doing something for me?"

"Erm... sure? Ok?" You reply to him slowly.

"Brilliant. Come out the back of the bar." Lucifer said.

"Ok? Alright then." You said, scared something was going to happen.

You and Lucifer sat your drinks on the countertop and got off the stools to go out the back to privately talk.

"Ok. So, I have been wanting this lately, ever since others have died. But I hope you don't mind." Lucifer said, pushing you against the brick wall.

"Erm... what are you doing?" I ask him.

"I should've done this a long time ago."
He said, coming closer and closer to your mouth.

You whimper slightly at everything, until a phone rang.

"Oh, heh, sorry let me take this call." Lucifer said, taking out his phone and tapping the screen.

"Hello? Oh, hello Chloe. Yes. Yes. No. Oh, no..." Lucifer said to whoever was on the phone with a sad but angry face on him.

He hung up immediately.

"Hey, is everything ok?" You ask him.

"No, not really! A murder happened with a trustworthy friend of mine!" He said, sounding scared. "I have to go!"

"Wait! Will I come with you?" You ask him before he goes.

Lucifer turns back to look at you while you stand there waiting for a response.

"Um... sure." Lucifer replied with ANOTHER grin on his face.

"Alright then. Thank you very much." You reply.

"But! You have to promise that you don't do anything guilty. Or I. Will. Punish you!" He says to her.

"Okay, wait you punish guilty?" You ask him, you two starting to walk towards a car.

"Yes, I only punish the guilty." Lucifer replied.

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