Chapter 7

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“So, what are you doing tomorrow Kyle?” Sara asked sounding a bit awkward.

“Going out. Beach maybe.” He muttered with a mouthful of food. This was getting more uncomfortable by the second. “Ryan said next time we went he’d bring his kite boarding stuff.”

“Hmmm, ok then. What about you Cyan?” she asked me. I didn’t know what to say though, there wasn’t exactly much I could do by myself and I wasn’t wondering around the roads completely lost only to get hit by a car. So instead of answering I just shrugged. “You don’t want to go out with your friends or anything?”

“No, I think I’ll just stay in.” I told her wishing she’d just drop it.

“Why don’t you take him with you Kyle?” the silence in the room was deafening as both me and Sara waited for him to answer.

“I don’t know, I don’t think that’s a great idea to be honest. It’s just that, well,” I cute him off before he could embarrass himself any more.

“I’d slow you down plus it’s not like I know any of your friends so it would just be really uncomfortable for everyone anyway. I’ll stay at home Miss McColin, really it’s fine.” I said with a smile in her general direction and mask of false happiness.


Finding the two bean bags I pulled them out from under the desk before laying them next to each other so that I could use them as a bed. Then I found the thin blanket that Kyle had left out for me and placed it over them so that it was a make shift sheet before grabbing a proper pillow and duvet. Snuggling down I didn’t think that the floor could be this comfy. Honestly I’d rather be here than the bed any day, it was just nice like that.

Closing my eyes I pretended to be asleep as Kyle walked back into the room from taking a shower. I didn’t know what time it was but I think it must have been quite late. His phone started vibrating constantly on the desk besides me, I felt him step over me to reach it before I herd his groggy and sleep deprived voice answer with a simple, “Fuck off it’s my sleepy time.” Wow he must be a joy to talk to over the phone.

“Yere I’m still coming tomorrow if the weathers nice but if its raining count me out…hu? Ow him, he’s staying a few days, why?...Sara’s keeping an eye on him…no, why would I bring him?...NO!” he pretty much shouted the last part making me flinch. He must have noticed as his voice suddenly became very quiet. “You may not like him but if you do that it’ll be on my head and I don’t need that right now ok.” And with that I herd a quiet beep as he shut the phone off.

As I listened to him getting into bed I couldn’t help but wonder what his friends were planning.


Waking up without opening my eyes I wondered if it was morning. I’d got ton used to not seeing the sun but my body’s clock was now whacked so far out of sync that I couldn’t even hope to rely on it waking me up when the sun was rising now. Thinking to myself I remembered that I was staying round Kyle’s because his mum was worried about me. I remembered him not wanting me to sleep in his bed and also the one sided conversation I’d herd last night. Sighing I momentarily pulled the cover’s up over my head before rolling out of my comfy cocoon and onto the cold floor.

Standing up I made my way over to the door. Opening it I walked in only to slam into the wall…Dam, ok that one’s the closet, not going back in there again. Walking out I shut the door before opening the next one. This time when I walked through it I didn’t bump into a wall and actually managed to make my way downstairs where I swiftly got myself a glass of water.

After drinking I scratched my neck and tried to remember my way to the lounge so that I could turn on the TV. What was I even wearing when I went to bed? Ok, random question but I’ll roll with it for now. I knew I was shirtless and it felt like I had some kind of long joggers on.

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