A room alone... with him...

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**Warning ⚠️ ** BAD LANGUAGE (because katsuki)

It was about midsummer...everyone else at school was either out enjoying themselves at the beach or doing hero work. You slumped in your chair, boredom and heat getting to you. Damn you finals, damn you to hell! If it wasn't for those crappy grades, you would had never been in this mess. You could have been out cooling off in the beautiful, salty ocean, but NO...; you were stuck at school, for an entire day, all alone...with him.

You sighed for the thousandth time, feeling his eyes bore into you. He hasn't insulted you.....yet. But he just sat approximately five seats away from you, staring at you with a pained expression. Occasionally you'd glance toward his direction, but immediately tore your eyes away from the sight. You knew it would not be best not to fight anyone, especially Katsuki. You didn't want him to hurt you more than he has.

Just bringing the same room with him brought back memories, moments you wished to forget a long time ago. You fumbled with your phone in your hands. He was just your ex, nothing more. You needed to move on from that, which surprisingly got you to date Izuku last week. Despite the fact that you actually like Izuku, your mind kept telling your that he was a rebound. And you knew it wasn't lying.

The sudden vibration of your phone snapped you from your thoughts. Your phone rang extremely loud, and you immediately checked the screen only to see that it was Izuku calling. Bakugou stared at you in disgust, maybe you should change your ringtone..ha, no.

You quickly answered your phone, greeting your boyfriend happily, asking him how his day went. Lucky bastard, going to the beach without you. You hung up, saying your goodbyes and whatnot. You sigh to yourself as you felt eyes bore in to you.

"Shit-head Deku....Right?" You head Katsuki's voice trail off. Of all things, why now? As much as you didn't want to, you looked at him, dead in the eye.

"Yeah? So? Got a problem?" You spat back. You soon regretted it when Katsuki's eyes darken.

"As in the matter of fact, I do!" He says, raising up from his seat. Fucking hell, you basically dug your own grave.

As if you'd care. Ever since you've dated Izuku, he's been pissed at you. Heck, he's been bulling you more than he had at Izuku. You eyed him as he paced around the classroom, you knew his temper better than anyone and you to the hell sure that he was not afraid to hit a woman.

"Always laughing with that shit-head..." He muttered to himself.

"What do you see in the cunt anyway?!" He demanded.

You felt your blood boil. To be honest, you rather be insulted, than to have someone you love be smack talked.

"Everything you're lacking...Katsuki. Izuku has a big heart, he doesn't go around making reckless decisions, he doesn't care about himself, and he sure fucking wouldn't abandon his girlfriend after taking her virginity!" You yell back, eyes watering a bit at the last part. That was one part of your life that you desperately wanted to forget.

You fight back holding in your tears, you promised yourself to never let him see you cry, but somehow you knew that you'd be confronted sooner or later. No matter how hard you tried to avoid it, you'd have to face it. Trying best to hold yourself, you gather up a few words to say.

"So in conclusion....who I date..or who I'm with has NOTHING to do with you." You managed to say, before trying your back on him, hoping he'd shut the fuck up.

The room dawned in silence, the only thing that could be heard was his breathing, that gradually got louder as seconds passed.

"Heh....just because you're MY trash, doesn't give him a right to pick you up. So yeah, whether I fuck you or throw you away, you still belong to me. You love me, only me don't forget your obligations!"

His words stung. Did he really just say that to you? Almost immediately, you cover your mouth to prevent you from crying. Your face became very hot, and you could feel tears producing in your eyes.

You glanced at him, regret looming over his face, he knew he chose the wrong words to say. But you didn't even want to hear an apology, you didn't want to be near him. You just wanted to get out of here. Gathering your things, you tried running out of the classroom.

Empathize "tried."
He caught you. You screamed, trying to escape from him as he embraced you tightly.

"Let me go!" You protested, your fist banging against his chest.

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