The Beginning

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(Drawing by lily-flower-fire, OC by me)

In the beginning, there was only Dio. Dio didn't exist in the same way "existence" is being understood and thus "was" not, but at the same time Dio was while he wasn't. 

And then Dio, the father of all, created the multiverse, the collective of an infinite number of infinite sized universes. After he layed the foundation for all existence Dio created the Void and Heaven.

In the Void Dio created his first sentient beings, the Voidwatchers. There were three of them: P1, P2 and P3. The Voidwatchers' mission, as they knew immediatly, would be to guide and protect Dio's lesser creations once they would come into existence in the near future. 

In Heaven Dio created his second sentient beings, the Guardians. The Guardians were more numerous, 100 strong, and served as protection against all possible future corruption in Dio's creations and other powerful threats. The lesser beings of the multiverse would commonly refer to them as "angels" in the future.

Both Voidwatchers and Guardians greatly resembled the humans, Dio's most notable lesser creation, which would come in the future. 

After the Voidwatchers and the Guardians Dio began creating insects, animals and lesser sentient beings like the humans for all universes. 

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