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A mare hurried through Ponyville in the dark of night, a basket carried in her mouth.

In the dim light, her coat shone a pale hue like a fresh peach, and her mane was soft pink like a cherry blossom.

The basket, which contained something small covered in a blue blanket, moved slightly.

The mare readjusted her grip, the soft click of her hooves muted in the dark as she hurried along, searching for something.

Her eyes lit up at the sight of an old brick building with weathered wooden doors and shutters, several soft snores drifting from inside.


The mare gently placed the basket by the door, and pulled back the edge of the blanket.

A small filly with the same colors as the mare blinked open her eyes and squirmed a bit, cooing.

The mare smiled, leaning down and planting a soft kiss on the filly's forehead.


"I'm sorry my little one, but I cannot care for you as well as these nice ponies here will. Live well, and perhaps we will meet again."

She stood, and gave a soft knock at the door before racing away.

The door slowly opened a crack and a unicorn stallion peered out.

He was grey with a brown and blond mane and tail. His mane was in a ponytail and his cutie mark was a blue star.

His blue eyes looked around, and he gasped when he saw the filly, and he opened the door fully.

He slowly picked up the basket with his magic and gazed down at the filly. She began to cry, and the stallion hushed her in soothing tones.

"Don't worry you sweet little thing, we'll take look after you." He brought her inside and quietly closed the door.

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