Chapter 12

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My writing isn't always so obvious, be twisted and think about it.

"Get back on the road with Beau." I handed Beau over to Zion and kissed her cheek. She had already fell asleep, she always did when she burrowed her head into the crook of my neck, my faint perfume always seemed to calm or put her to sleep.

Once the front door clicked shut, it was like a switch and Carter boomed throughout the house. "Everyone get the fuck out!"

The room only contained adults and a handful of teenagers who looked around my age, they all stood and ran for the door behind me.

"What's going on?" May asked, as she passed me.

"GET OUT!" Carter repeated and she obeyed in fright.

"You're fucking staying Quinn." He continued to yell at the man who called me by my real name.


Quinn, he was mentioned in the notebook. My fathers notebook. It didn't say much about him, just that I could trust him.

"Start talking Quinn before I slit your throat." Carter said too calmly for my liking.

"I knew everything. I was the only one your father remained to trust here." Quinn stared between me and Carter, his stare lingered on me longer. "Versana should know, she has the book." He watched me as I made my way over to Carter.

"I let Carter read it before I burnt it." I confessed.

"That's not what your father instructed but I'd trust Carter too." Quinn gave me a pointed look.

I was meant to burn the book after I read it but I decided not to and kept it until I showed Carter earlier today. There wasn't much in the book besides instructions meant for Versana and a letter addressed to Ava. I remember the letter word for word, it was the one thing I never showed Carter.

"Forget everything you think you know about your parents and your Grandfathers." Quinn said seriously.

I raised a questioning brow but nodded for him to continue.

"Your parents were never disowned, it was a cover story." Quinn started pacing back and forth. "Both of your Grandfathers were going to loose their titles, they had too much heat on them from the Feds and their enemies."

"It was true though, both Vice and Fane hated each other, and so did Hayze and Maya. Until they fought each other at the fight club you first encountered with the Monrovians, The Pit. They started fighting each other more and-"

"We get that they fall in love, get on with the fucking story." Carter snapped.

Wrong time to laugh. I scolded myself as a laugh bubbled from my chest at Carters comment. "Too lovey dovey for you older brother?" I teased, patting his cheek softly.

The side of his mouth twitched as he slapped my hand away.

"Yes they fell for each other and both fathers didn't approve. Hayze didn't care what Vice had to say and the same went for Maya with Fane. Hayze and Maya were their fathers biggest assets, Hayze being smart in every aspect of the family business and Maya being her families assassin. I'm sure to you Versana, your mother didn't seem like the type." Quinn focused on me. "Anyway, everyone knew Hayze and Maya were their families golden members so Hayze came up with a plan for both families to get themselves out of the shit their fathers had gotten themselves in."

"Feds were all over your father and Maya, because thats who the Feds wanted the most and the same went for Vice and Fane's enemies. Those two were the ones who threatened everything, if those two were taken out then so were the families. The Versana Cartel and The Monrovian Mafia." He began to pace. "At this point the Monrovian's weren't based in America yet, they were in Romania and the Versana's of course were here in Mexico. Hayze put a plan together and the news spread like wildfire, 'Hayze Versana and Maya Monrovian disowned by their families'. Only the six's of us knew the truth."

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