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"To Lynn's new job!" Katie yells.
Glasses holding varieties of alcohol klink together.
"Thanks guys!"
I down my drink.
Then another.
Then another.
"I need to have another... we are celebrating aren't we?"
I stand and walk over to the bar tender.
"Sir I need your advice." I tell him.
"I've already had hmmmm... 4 drinks and I want another because I'm celebrating. BUT. Do I want to pay for it? Or have a fine gentleman like yourself pay for it?"
"That's easy." A voice near but far calls to me.
"I'll pay for it."
The boy with the beautiful smile and deep brown eyes stands before me once more.
"Wait." I say.
"Are we in a grocery store? Or am I just slightly drunk?"
"You're just slight drunk." Ethan laughs.
"Well, you heard the man he's buying me a drink." I say to the bartender.
"What would you like?" He asks.
"Water...just kidding. Surprise me." I say.
The bartender turns and starts making a drink.
"Ethan the Baker, isn't it?" I say.
"Yes," he says.
"How did you find me?"
"I just landed, I came from LA and needed a drink."
"Can't you get that in the airport though?" I say as I get my drink from the bartender.
"I suppose, I like to explore the city at night. See all the different people."
"You're one of the few people who likes human interaction in NYC my friend." I say as I straighten his tie on his suit.
"You're cute when you're drunk."
"I'm only slightly drunk."
I say as I get close to his face.
I back up.
"Besides I'm at out celebrating, I got a new job...well my first job."
"Congrats Lynn. That's huge."
"Thanks I know." I say with nothing but confidence.
"My friends are over there. I better get back." I say looking down.
"I understand." He says.
"But I don't  want to go back".  I say looking up, up at his beautiful face.
"Why is that?" He asks.
I stare into his eyes I swear I could count all the irises in them if he would let me look long enough.
"Well...do you want to dance?" He asks holding out his hand.
I look down then up at his face.
"Is that even a question?" I say with a smirk.
He smiles as I take his hand. He leads me to the dance floor.
We dance.
And dance.
And dance.
I wish I could watch us like I was watching a movie. Two strangers dancing and by the end of the night, two people tangled in their infatuation with each other. They wander from place to place until the sun comes up. They don't say anything to make it seem like there is something between them...it's just there.
And they both know it.
"This is me." I say as we arrive at my apartment building.
"I had a great night...a long night." I say as I stumble a bit.
"Are you going to be alright getting up there?" Ethan says as he smiles.
"Yep! I'll be fine." I say returning the smile.
"I hope you have a great first day at work.. whenever that is."
"Ugh please don't remind me...it's in 2 days. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to join the work force. But now I'm full on adulting."
"We'll see how long you last." Ethan says with a smirk.
"Thanks for the encouragement." I say, giggling.
"And thanks for tonight."
"Hey, anytime!" Ethan says.
"I hope you mean that." I say. As I step one step closer.
"And why is that?" He says as he steps closer, to fill the gap between our bodies.
"Because I usually don't kiss people I don't plan on seeing again."
Before he can respond I kiss him. My lips fit comfortably in between his. They're soft and plush. I pulled away and let my forehead rest gently on his.
This is the perfect moment of the movie. The sun comes up in New York City, everything is bright and light. And two people find themselves entangled in new possibilities of the city, and each other.
"Still drunk?" He whispers.
"Hmmm... slightly sober."

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