36. Summer Jobs

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After the music festival, music producers took interest in the Siren. They managed to get your contacts from the festival organizers and asked you to do videos and recordings with them. You did several covers with the label, sometimes singing with other people, doing songs that they wrote. Not only did you do covers and help other singers with their songs, but you also published and produced some of the music you wrote, letting the label sell it and you received a small amount of the profits, 1%. You sold a total of 135,642 songs and covers. You took several jobs from them, earning a salary of $32.65 an hour. You spent several hours with them, around 6 hours per session for 37 days of the summer break. You made $7,248.30 off the number of hours singing for the label and $2,699.28 from the music the label sold. By the end of the summer, you had earned $9,947.58.
You also did some concerts and performed at parties and restaurants. By doing two concerts you earned $77,142.65 total by the end of the summer. You charged $30.29 per hour for party and restaurant gigs, but you didn't do very many of them. You did about 7 in the summer and each was 4-6 hours. When you finished doing these smaller jobs you had earned more than $848.12.

Agencies also approached you for modeling in magazines and catalogs after your singing career kicked off. You signed a contract allowing you to model on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and earn a salary of $64.95 an hour. You did shoots for them for 5 weeks and each shoot lasted 2-3 hours. The agency had you modeling different things each time, sometimes it was headphones or earbuds, sometimes it was instruments, but most of the time it was clothing. You had explained the condition of your scars to the agency and crew, who hadn't know when they asked you to model, but they explained that they would just change the products you were modeling so that they wouldn't show. You did music magazines and catalogs. You slowed down in modeling when school started again, but you continued to do shoots every once in a while. By the end of the summer, you had earned more than $1,948.50.

~~~End of Summer~~~
By the time school started again, you had earned a total of more than $89,886.85.

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
I was so proud of Y/n She was finding both game and fortune, putting her past behind her. I don't know how she did it, but she managed to work all summer, continue training to keep her skills sharp, and still find time with me and my brothers. Every evening on Monday through Thursday, she came home a little after 6:00 PM and would eat dinner then sit with me and we'd watch a movie or something. On Fridays, Y/n would come home early and spend time with me or Drake if I wasn't around, or she would go to the music studio and post more recordings. Sometimes she'd come and visit me at the Titans Tower, bringing snacks and other food for the entire team.
Mb/n wouldn't stop calling and texting so I blocked her number. She's going to be annoying when we go back to school, but I'll still have Y/n to help me.

~~~Tim's point of view~~~
Y/n was amazing, she had made a lot of money over the summer. I had helped her create a bank account for her and the Siren, so she could split her money until she was ready to reveal her identity and combine them. Y/n had told me not to worry about her and that I didn't have to monitor her contracts with agencies and labels or her bank account, but I did it anyway. I also had a special program to alert me about any reports or posts that mentioned the Siren. It was my way of keeping an eye on her and protecting her. If Y/n continued to work like this every summer, she could buy any house she wanted or anything she wanted in a couple years.

~~~Bruce's point of view~~~
Y/n was extremely impressive. She was accomplishing an unusual amount of success at a young age and was sharing her talents. Her future is promising if she continues on this path. I am interested in seeing how this goes. I also use Tim's program to watch her progress.

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