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Kentrell POV

1 Month Later

me and jazmine havent talked since the night at the hospital but i got a new bitch name tianna i know i moved on quick but it seems as if jazmine moved on quick to i heard she got a new nigga named Lucas I see them all over ig so I decided to get over her. I be seeing her though she be at her brother house a lot. I dropped Jania because her ass was aggy and clingy so.....

Jazmine POV
I'm at my brother house with the gang but we just chilling and having fun until my phone started ringing it was a unknown number but I just declined but they kept calling but this time the texted me.

You thought you could stay away from me!?

Who dis sounding
Like a goofy 😂👋🏾

Who you think

Umm..... I really don't
Feel like guessing but


                        Awe well ok bye!👋🏾
Ima get you you gone be mines

I just looked at that shit but then my phone started to ring again and it was Lucas

Phone call

Lucas😍:hey ma
Me: hey
Lucas😍: wyd today
Me: shit staying in the house and when my brothers leave Ima have a movie day why wassup
Lucas😍: I'm coming over
Me: okay

When I was done off the phone they was just looking at me "what" I said laughing "who you just invite over"Jacobi asked in all seriousness that shit just made me laugh even more

"Lucas" I said calming down " who said you can invite somebody" he said putting his hands on his knees

"Well this ain't yo house you don't live here so therefore I can invite anybody I want" I said getting up to get the door bell I opened the door and seen Somebody I didn't want to ever see kentrell

He was just with this girl "so you gone let us in or just stare?" The girl asked with a attitude.
"Welp with that attitude he'll naw"I said slamming the door and running up the stairs.

Kentrell/yb pov

Well she just slammed the door in our face "that was disrespectful" tianna said scoffing I just rang the door bell again and Jacobi came to the door "Wassup slime!" He yelled bro hugging me "Wassup"I said laughing bro hugging him back.
He stepped back and looked and tianna "this must be a new bitch for the week" he said looking at me "naw this my girl"   I said looking at tianna intertwining our hands looking at her. "Mmh" he said mugging tianna before walking away.

"They all disrespectful?" Tianna asked "naw"  I said sitting down

30 minuets later

"I gotta use the bathroom0 I said standing up going up the stairs I looked to Jacobi he was just sitting there with a smirk plastered across his face 'what' I mouthed to him "mmh-mmh-mmh Nothing" he said sounding like a disappointed mother
"Why you going upstairs it's one down here? Tianna asked "I like the one upstairs better" I said still laughing at Jacobi who was doing this lil smirk

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