Chapter 20

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 ~8 Months later~

"Maven," Brewer hides his face with his hands and looks at the paper on his desk. "What if... What if.." He struggles to finish his sentence. I understand what he is going to ask will be hard for him so I pull myself out of my chair. My hand rest on my very pregnant belly and I waddle over to him.

"Theo, what is it?" I gave him a warm smile and rested my hand on his stroking his thumb.

"What if the baby isn't mine." He growls, his knuckles turning white.

My smiled dropped from my face and I removed my hand instantly feeling cold. The room was silent, even the birds dare not chirp outside. I knew what he was saying. We hadn't talked about the incident for almost a year now. Although I'm proud to say I'm stronger and gain strength and a new sense of empathy, I still can barely talk about it.

"It, It can't be his" I whisper as I fall back into my own chair.

"How do you know?" Brewer stood from his desk, he kneeled in front of my chair and rested his chin on my thigh putting a hand on my stomach.

"He never finished, I felt something but It wasn't that. It was like something came over me and I was I different, I was stronger." I softly rubbed my thumb across his cheek as he smiled. He stood up and leaned forward giving me a kiss on the lips.

"It the was Alpha in you coming out." Brewer smiled to me and gave me hand a squeeze. 


Me and Brewer gasped looking at the dark oak door splinter as his beta flung it open.

"Alpha! Wolves are attacking, they're everywhere and we can't stop them." Brewer stood there for a second processing what he said. I looked at his beta and started as best as jog as I could do in my situation.

"Let's go Theo." I shout, passing through the door. His hand grasps my wrist and he pulls me back.

"Stay here, you're too vulnerable."

"Theo they need us, I have to fight!" I defend my actions but he starts pulling me back into his office.

"Maven, if you get hurt I can't save everyone else. I'm not letting you jeopardize yourself and the baby. " He flings open a drawer and pulls out a glock. "Ever shot a gun before?" He asks reloading the chamber.

I stare at him for a second, "Once or twice.. Theo What are you doing?" He grabs my arm again and starts pulling me down the hall.

"Sometimes, in battles we must use extra resources to protect our precious cargo. Aim through the top and pull back the hammer, the trigger shoots. Pull here to reload. Stay in the bathroom and lock all the doors, don't come out till I get you. Do what you must to protect yourself." HE pushes me into our room and turns to leave.

"Theo..."My voice stops him, he whips around and kisses me. My hands grab at his shoulders.

"I love you, stay safe."

With that he's gone. I slam the door the lock it, putting a chair and dresser in front of it. I run to the bathroom and lock that door too. I slowly step back and slide down the wall once my back hits it. Now we must play the waiting game. I worry for Brewer and the pack, I worry for the baby. My hand feels my stomach, knowing my child is in there relying on me to protect it.

It was eerily quiet on my side of the line, I'm sure outside was way more chaotic but I had no way of knowing. I listen for the slightest bit of noise but find nothing. I push myself off the ground and make me way to the bathroom door pressing my ear against it. Nothing.

As I take a step back I hear crashing, it's so loud it was like listening to thunder. I gasp and immediately cover my mouth. Shit.

"Is that the princess I hear?" A high pitched voice yells, laughter follows from multiple persons. I start to panic, They have to get through the doors first. I grip the gun and lean back on the ground against the wall.

"Wouldn't the princess like to play a game?!" I try to ignore the voices until I hear the bedroom door start to break. My breathing gets faster as I hear their grunts and hard work. I felt pain start to rise in my lower back. I finally hear them get through the bedroom door and stand at the bathroom one.

A single knock hit the door, I flinch but regain my composure and lift the gun. I feel another sharp pain in my lower abdomen. "We just want to say hi to the baby. Won't you open the door?" She is sadistically sweet now, I ignore her and focus on the pain that is riding up my stomach.

"Answer me bitch!" She suddenly screams banging on the door. I gasp and step further back from the door. My hands fumble with the gun, As they start banging on the door I double over in pain for a second. As the door breaks down I raise the gun only for it to be hit out of my hand. I feel a punch to my jaw and I drop to the floor. Once down I pull it together and ignore the pain in the abdomen. 

My raise my foot and hit a man in the private parts as another one grabs my hands and raises me up. My elbows twist and I jab them into his stomach, as he drops me I desperately grabbed for the gun at the floor. A boot slams on my hand and I scream out. I hear the woman cackle. I use my other hand and hit her in the back on the knee so she crumbles. Grabbing the gun I shoot the first guy and fling my arm back to hammer the second guy in the face. 

The girl grabs my hair and pulls me down, my head hits the ground as she straddles me. I struggle against her my hand reached out and held the pipe under the sink. Through the struggle I feel power surge over me and rip the pipe from its bolts and slam it against her head. Water pours everywhere and I feel myself become drenched. I gripped the pipe in my hands and slammed it against her head again. 

Falling on my hands and knees I scream from the pain in my stomach, once through it I frantically search for the gun. Once I find it I feel a grip on my heel, my body flips on my back and I pulls myself up and try to release my foot from the grip. I scream as she pulls me deeper, the water was rising. I finally get the gun situated and look up at her bloodied face, I feel myself want to cry after looking at her beaten mangled face. 

Through the panic I scream, raise the gun, and pull the trigger. The gun drops from my hand into the water and I fall back. My breathes become labored and I grab my stomach screaming in pain. 

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