Chad Dylan Cooper: Birthday Party

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This was my favorite episode as a kid. I don't know why.

Suparna's POV:

"It's Chad Dylan Cooper from the hit tween drama Mackenzie Falls. I'm here to invite Sonny, Tawni, and the beautiful Suparna to my Chad-tactic birthday party." I started blushing when the cardboard cutout called me beautiful. Sonny and Tawni smiled at me before looking at the figure again.

"When is it?" Sonny asked.

"This Friday night. I hope you can make it. Because it just wouldn't be the same without Sonny, Tawni, and of course, the lovely Suparna. And Suparna, open the box." My God, he is so cute. I took the box and opened it, finding a beautiful ball gown and a note. To my dear Suparna, wear this and be the highlight of my night. I continued to blush after reading that

"So what are you two wearing to the party?" Tawni asked, looking at her nails.

"Well, looks like Suparna's wearing that. Did he send that?" I nodded my head, still admiring the beautiful dress. 

"Actually, I can't go. My best friend Lucy from Wisconsin is coming over. I made plans for the whole weekend. It's right here on the schedule. I call it my fun-genda. Suparna, are you joining us?" Sometimes, Sonny can be a little dorky, but it's cute. Before I could answer, Nico and Grady ran in and drew on Chad's figure's face.

"What are you boys doing?" They turned around slowly. I crossed my arms raising an eyebrow.

"We weren't invited to the party, so we're drawing on all of the faces." 

"Alright, just pretend I'm not here." I turned back to Sonny.

"I'm sorry, Sonny. I don't think I'll be able to join. I don't mind Saturday, but Chad sent me this expensive dress for his party, and I don't want to be rude." She nodded her head, understanding where I was coming from. Soon, Sonny and Tawni left to meet with Lucy while I sat in the prop house, a little upset. I wish I could hang out with them, but it's Chad. Speaking of, he ran in to the prop house.

"Oh my God, are you ok?" He asked. I didn't look up.

"Yeah, it's just I'm in a situation where I don't know which side to pick." He sat next to me on the couch.

"I was asking the cutout, but you're much more important." We turned to look at the cardboard figure. It had an earring, a mustache, and a beard drawn.

"Oh, Nico and Grady did that. But don't tell them I told you." We laughed a little.

"So what's up? Is it about the party? Did you not like the dress?" Chad asked with concern.

"No, I loved the dress. But it's related to the party. Sonny wanted me to hang out with her and her best friend. But your invite came, and I didn't want to say no. And now—" I was shut up. By a pair of lips. Chad's lips. Wait a minute, I'm kissing Chad. Oh my God. We pulled away, gasping for air since that kiss was so abrupt.

"So, did that change your mind? Besides, the two of them can come along if they want. Whatever makes you happy. Because I don't like seeing you upset. And the kiss? That was my way of shutting you up and letting you know I like you." I nodded my head before looking at him.

"You like me? How? I'm just a girl on some TV show. You could have anyone you want. But why do you choose me?" He shook his head wrapping his arm around me.

"Suparna, you're not just some girl. You're the girl. The girl I want with me through every journey and obstacle of life." I nodded my head. He looked at me expectantly.

"Oh, well, I like you, too. If you didn't know that." We kissed each other again, this time more passionately.

"Finally, we have been waiting for you two to get together." As I pulled away from our kiss, I turned to see Tawni, Sonny, and I'm guessing Lucy.

"Oh my God! You're Suparna, and you're Chad Dylan Cooper! You guys just kissed! Are you two together? Were you guys a secret couple? How long have you guys been dating?" Chad and I looked at each other before bursting out in laughter.

"Hi, nice to meet you. You must be Lucy. I guess we're together. We literally just confessed our crush on each other, so we haven't started dating." Chad stopped me and the others before turning to me.

"Suparna, will you be my girlfriend?" I nodded my head ecstatically. I pecked his cheek before turning to Lucy.

"Guess there's your answer. And I'm really sorry, Sonny. I would have loved to hang out with you and Lucy. Why don't you come to the party? You have all of tomorrow as well." Sonny nodded in understanding, but Lucy was quick to answer.

"Sonny, let's just go. You're friends really want us to, so why should we say no?" Sonny threw the fun-genda to the ground.

"You're right. Let's go find some dresses." The three of them ran out leaving us alone.

"So where were we?" Chad asked, turning to me flirtatiously. I just giggled. I have been waiting for this for so long.

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