North and South Collide-Tyrion Lannister x Reader

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" don't have to speak to me as if you're not equal. You will be my wife by the end of the night."

You are from the North...

I looked to the ground, remembering Robb's words.

He seemed to notice my sadness but took it the wrong way. "Though I suppose that's not the case since I am not quite an equal."

"No, it wasn't that. I-I just...remembered something my brother said to me once." I whispered only loud enough for him to hear me.

"I just wanted to say-I'm just trying to say that I know how you feel." He smiled up at me, kindly.

I smiled at him and nodded, though I doubted what he said. He walked closer and took my hand in both of his, "But, I do promise you this, milady, I will never hurt you." We smiled at each other, "Do you drink?"

I laughed. "I do for special occasions."

"Well, then I guess we will drink together." He smiled and moved to be at my side and took my arm in his. We walked out of the room to the sept in a silence that was more sweet than awkward.

Tyrion left to be in the sept before me and the servant did final touches to my outfit. She leaned over to take my hand. She started to take the bracelet off when I snatched my hand back. "No, I am keeping this on."

"The Queen Mother, Cersei Lannister, commanded us to take anything that was not approved by her." She said sternly, trying for the bracelet again.

I lowered my voice to a sweet sound and smiled wide, "If the Queen Mother wants the bracelet off, she can come and yank it from my dead body." She walked away, leaving me ready to walk into the sept to be wed.

The doors finally opened and I walked slowly, step by step, heart pounding with nerves until I was standing at the steps. I heard the clinging of armor to my right and saw the pompous king saunter over to me. He stood next to me and held his arm out.

I fake a smile to the crowd. "What are you doing?" I whispered through gritted teeth.

He turned to me like I knew nothing, "Your father's gone and your brother is...busy." I sighed and turned back to face the front, my fake smile even tighter. "As the father of the realm, it is my duty to give you away to your husband." He stared down at his arm.

I hesitantly put my arm through, my blood curling at the feeling of him touching me. We walked forward and the doors closed behind us.

All the way to the floor and through the crowd, I was getting more and more nervous. When we made it to my sister I smiled at her and nodded. She smiled back, saddened.

We walked past the other Lannisters and I saw Cersei look at my wrist with a look of anger. She looked into my eyes and I smiled at her sweetly than turned to Tyrion.

Once we were all the way up, Tyrion graced me with a smile and I returned the gesture. His attention then was focused on Joffrey.

Tyrion held the cloak to put over me and Joffrey bent down gracefully and grabbed the step stool for Tyrion to reach my shoulders and walked off with it. I was disgusted by his actions of disrespect. My father would have sent me to my room if I'd done that.

My father...

"You may now cloak the bride and bring her under your protection." The Septon announced.

Tyrion glanced at me as people started to snicker. I bent down for him to reach me. "Thank you." He whispered to me. I nodded and smiled at him. I hated Joffrey.

I stood back up and saw that the cloak was crimson with gold. A Lannister. I was becoming a Lannister.

Not the South...

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