North and South Collide-Tyrion Lannister x Reader

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((A/N: Sorry this story is SOO long! It's 2922 words long!! 😂 Also, I used most aspects of the wedding in season 3))

Sansa walked into the carriage after her goodbyes with everyone, followed by Arya. I quickened my pace to say goodbye to one last person.

Robb was finishing his goodbye to Jon and he walked off with the horse. Robb turned to walk away but I stood in his way. He held his arms out for a hug. Running to him, I started to cry as he picked me up. "Y/N, don't cry! You will be back soon." He put me down and wiped my tears. "You're a Stark, the oldest daughter of Eddard Stark and Catelyn Tully, strength is in your blood." His hand went into his pocket, "Take this."

He handed me a wooden bracelet. It was so simple but I turned it around and saw the Stark direwolf painted on one of the blocks. "Never forget that you are from the North, not the South." He flipped the hook on his cloak and there was a wooden block with the direwolf painted on. Just like mine. "Septa Mordane painted the sigil and the wood is from a tree I cut down. Just like us, two halves of the same tree."

I couldn't speak, I was sobbing so much. He hugged me again. You're a Stark, it rang in my head, again and again, Never forget that you are from the North, not the South. "Never forget." He said one more time. I could hear the sadness in his voice, I wondered if he was choking on it like I was. "Promise me, Y/N."

I nodded as I hear our father calling for me to hurry. I promise Robb, I thought.

You're a Stark...

I fiddled with the bracelet as my handmaiden messed with my hair and a servant with my wedding dress. I made them do a Northern wedding hairstyle instead of Southern. Sansa was watching me, not speaking. I tried to think about how my life had gone so wrong.

My lord father took us girls to King's Landing, taking us away from the rest of the family, including my twin, then was sentenced to be beheaded by my sister's old betrothed. My youngest sister is missing, the middle sister is unresponsive to anything. Now, in her place, I am to marry Tyrion Lannister, the uncle of the man who killed my father.

Never forget that...

A knock at the door sent one of the girls to the door to open it to my soon lord husband. I turned and watched as he slowly walked into the room, "Lady Y/N."

"Lord Tyrion," I say with as much kindness I could muster.

"You look marvelous, milady." He awkwardly looked down to the floor then back to me.

"I would say the same to you." I faked smiled.

"Yes, the husband of your dreams." He sighed, and I gave him a genuine smile. We were both in horrible predicaments, it just doesn't make sense to be cruel to him.

The moments to follow were silent, the most awkward silence I have ever been in.

"If you would excuse us, I would like to speak with Lady Y/N in private." Tyrion said then turned to his squire in the doorway, "Podrick, could you escort Lady Sansa to the sept."

Sansa got up and I grabbed her hand. She turned back to me and I squeezed her hand and hugged her, "I promise everything will work out fine." I gave her a smile as she walked out with the squire, followed by my handmaiden and servants.

Tyrion closed the door behind them and walked closer to me hesitantly. "Milady, I just want you to know that I didn't ask for this."

"I assumed that, my lord of Lannister," I said sweetly with another fake smile. I have gotten very good at appearances.

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