So Gullible...

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This was a request for the amazing Morrowseerer . I really was excited about writing this. I hope everyone enjoys this as much I did; I may have had wayyy too much fun for this.

You huffed with frustration as you leaned your head against the cold, stone wall.

You were the lowest of the low-an elf prisoner. A week ago, you were thrown in the Mirkwood prisons. You smirked as you remembered why. That fateful week you had broken into the King's quarters and stolen some of his precious jewels. It was a very bold endeavor, but you had to admit, it was fun. Especially when the King walked in, dressed in one of his luxurious bathrobes and screamed like a little girl. You emitted a tiny chuckle at the memory, but then scowled when you recalled how roughly the elves treated you when you got caught.

Why did you do it? You and your family were incredibly poor. All your life, you had been nothing but a peasant, and you had been on the run, stealing to help out your family. Although it wasn't a becoming occupation, it was simply all that you knew. Also, you personally resented the king. You felt that if he wasn't so greedy and if he shared his wealth with his kingdom, maybe you and your family wouldn't have to struggle just to get daily meals. Your eyebrows creased together and your e/c burned with resentment. Someday you'd get out of here. There was no way that Thranduil could hold you forever.

You perked your head up as you heard voices coming towards the prison. It was the elf prison guards... and some other voices as well. You listened closer and shuffled up to the edge of the bars of your cell. The other voices were gruff. Must be some more prisoners. They almost sound like... dwarves? Dwarves are always stupid. Though... maybe they can help me get me out of this nasty prison. You sneered in personal satisfaction. There was one thing about you that had always come to an advantage: you were very, very attractive. Although, as a peasant you didn't have much, your striking good looks and your flirting skills did get you out of a lot of rough situations.

There were 13 dwarves and elves surrounding them on all sides coming towards the prison. Some of them looked scared, some of them looked frustrated, and some of them looked confused. A long-haired dwarf that was leading the company made eye contact with you for a little too long. You gave him a "What in Arda are you looking at" expression and he turned away. It almost seemed like his hairy face was blushing. You laughed under your breath. Another dwarf who was younger glanced at you and gave a toothy grin. He roughly nudged a blonde-haired dwarf that looked like his brother. The blonde dwarf looked at you and smiled widely like a fool. His brother gave an obnoxious wolf whistle. The elf guards around them snapped at them. In particular, a blonde elf looked rather disgusted. At least, he did until he turned to you. He had breath-taking blue eyes and a rather pointed jawline. His armor seemed more valuable than the other elves' armor. It almost seemed like he was a prince. He looks just like the King... but better. You snapped out of the trance that you were in. You hated to seem weak. Control yourself, Y/N. Our objective is to get out of here.

Control was exactly what the elf lacked at that moment, his mouth was agape as he walked by your cell. You decided to slyly wink at him, just to see what reaction he'd have. His face flushed red almost all the way to his pointed ears. He quickly snapped his mouth shut and hurriedly turned away. You could tell he was flustered. You laughed to yourself. Some elves are so, so simple.

You watched like a hungry vulture as the elf guards shoved the dwarves into their cells next to you. It just so happened that some of the dwarves were placed in the cell next to you. You frowned in annoyance when you realized that the younger dwarves were in the cell next to you. Now I have to deal with these idiots. Valar, I can't wait until I get out of this dump. You moved away to the corner of your cell and stared out of a window that had bars running across it. Your hair swayed in the slight breeze that came out of it. I'm going to bust out of here if it kills me.

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