11: Across Campus

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Sorry that it's been so long! Been majorly stuck!

“You have to admit, it’s kind of bad ass,” Nate whispers, as we step through the jails security. We’d just been thoroughly patted down, sniffed, and scanned, until they deemed us good and safe to go in. I personally scared that they were going to check my personal areas – I had seen on a TV show before this women getting checked down there, because they thought that’s how she was smuggling drugs.

“Nate, this is nowhere near ‘bad ass,’” I hiss, smacking him in the stomach. “We are visiting Chase in jail, because he’s being accused of murder, and you think its bad ass? You’ve been watching way to much ‘Orange is the New Black,’” I inform him.

Nate nods. “You have a valid point.”

We pass a mean looking police officer, her face sketched into a scowl as we walk past. A coffee is in her hand, and I nearly gag at the strong stench as I walk past. The officer leading us turns to the left, and stops. This must be the visiting area.

“I wanted to make sure you got through all this alright, but don’t worry – I will let you two love birds have a moment alone.” Suddenly, a grin appears on Chase’s face. “Chase is in handcuffs now Harley, a little bit kinky, eh?” he wiggles his eyebrows.

I stop right behind the policeman, nearly bumping into his broad back. “How are you not gay?”

He scowls. “Shut up.”

I laugh lightly at him, but my laughter cuts off as soon as the more friendly looking police man turns around, and gestures for us to enter. He follows behind us, a new policeman in front, reminding us about visiting times and other restrictions. I barely listen; my eyes are too focused on Chase.

He’s still got the same messy black hair, the same captivating blue eyes, and the lovely smile that is cheeky and sweet both at the same time. The only thing that looks different is the dark circles under his eyes, and the silly prison clothes that look too tight on him. Honestly, I can already tell that he has been suffering from major wedgies. Chase stands up, and as soon as I get close, he pulls me to him, wrapping me in a tight embrace. My hands automatically clasp around him, and I squeeze him tight. “I’ve missed you,” I mumbled, “Never thought I’d say that in my whole life, but I do.”

Chase chuckles, and the vibrations run through my body. “You’ve also admitting to being in love with me, that’s something you said you’d never say as well.  Remember?”

I roll my eyes and step out of the embrace. Not wanting to fully let him go, I keep a hold of his hand. “Shut up,” was my great response.

“Oh, Chase!” Nate cries dramatically. “I love you, I miss you, and don’t ever leave me again!” he pushes me out of the way, and hugs my boyfriend.

Nate’s sudden display of affection for my boyfriend drew the attention of the mean looking police officer, and he tells us in a stern voice to sit down.

Nate sniffs, pretending that he’s going to cry. “Don’t worry Chase that will not be our last embrace!”

I chuckle, and let go of Chase’s hand so I can sit down. The chair is a brown plastic, a small grey cushion attached to the chair. It was very dull, and not very comfy – just like the rest of the room. The white walls, stone floor, all didn’t make the place look very comforting. Then again, it was freaking jail so I shouldn’t have expected luxurious carpet and a nice paint job. “Chase and embrace kind of rhyme.”Both of the boys sit down, after muttering a few words to each other. I don’t listen, but instead stare at the table. This was like an investigation room I had seen in TV Shows. Chase wasn’t in real prison, so we weren’t in a big visiting room with tons of people. No, it was private. Well, it was and it wasn’t – there was one of those big screens to the side where god knows who could be standing and watching. My guess, it was the mean looking officer (the one who came in just to tell us to sit down). Nate’s words of this being ‘bad ass’ spring to mind. If it wasn’t Chase who was the ‘criminal’, then this probably would be kind of cool.

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