"Oh, I would come and get you, but I can't right now. Liam, Zayn, and I are working today, I'm sorry!" he says apologetically.

"It's fine," I say before hanging up.

This meant I would have to call Harry, and interrupt him and his 'girlfriend'.

"Emma?" he asks quietly.

"I need a ride back to your house, and the boys are busy," I say flatly.

"Um, right now?" he says.

"Uh, yeah. I left my bag in Louis' car, and I need it,"

"Shit, um. I'll call you in two minutes," he hangs up. I wait for around seven minutes, before a knock comes at my door. I yank it open, and there is Harry, his eyebrows together in concentration. He eyes me for a moment, before speaking.

"Sorry," he says slowly.

"For what?"

"Ditching you, and not calling you back. I had to tell Courtney that there was nothing going on between me and her, and that I had moved on," I feel giddy, an happy. "Come on," he says, turning on his heel and walking. I quickly grab my keys, and run to catch up to him.

We reach the door, and just when Harry was reaching the handle, the door swung open to reveal a boy. A boy that I knew, but not to well.

"Travis?" I ask, widening my eyes.

"Hey," he says, looking at me, then he notices Harry.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, stepping away from Harry.

"I was called over by my sister, who just was dumped by her boyfriend, and then I was going to stop by your place, but-" he was cut off by a deep voice.

"Why would you stop by her place, mate?" Harry asks stepping directly beside me. I look up at him, but he keeps his gaze on Travis.

"So we could hangout, or something," Travis says his hand nervously going to the back of his neck. He got a weird smile on his face. "But why do you care? She is single, and you guys were never together,". I look to Travis with wide eyes.

"Harry," I say looking up to him. I place my hand on his chest, which makes him look at me. I could see the fury behind his eyes, as he scowled at me. He looks back up to Travis.

"That doesn't mean she's interested in a tool, like you," Harry started.

"Harry!" I shriek. I turn to where my body is fully facing him, and I walk towards him, closing the little space we had. "Stop, you have no right to say those things," He looks down at me, his brows furrow together, and he bites his lips.

"Yeah, mate," Travis says mockingly. Harry's hands ball up into fists, as his knuckles turn white. I turn to Travis, and hold my hand up to him.

"Travis, why the fuck are you fueling his fire? Leave him alone," I state. Just then a new character has entered our conversation.

"Travis!" a girl shrieks surprisingly. We all turn our attention to her.

"Shit," Harry breathes. It was Courtney. She was running, over to Travis, her arm outstretched, with black makeup running down her cheeks. They hug, and then Courtney looks over to me, before a disgusted look takes over her features. She looks me up and down, while her brow arches. I scowl at her.

"Well, well. If it isn't the frat boy whore," she says, smirking. My jaw drops, as I take her stupid smug look in.

"Oh. Really? Because, obviously you and Harry were screwing each other, and I'm the whore? Makes sense," I say, looking at her and then to Travis.

"Ugh!" she screams, and slaps my cheek. My face flies to the right, and my hand covers my cheek, I look up at her with a smug smile, and knock her to the ground. My knees at either side of her torso, as my fist connects with her face. I am able to get three swings in before Harry, and Travis drag me off of her. Travis lets go of me, to rush to Courtney's side. I take the opportunity to start thrashing against Harry, so I could continue what I started. He lets go, briefly, before grabbing my shoulders. Courtney starts touching her nose, which has already started bleeding, and starts wailing, and screaming.

"Harry let go!" I boom, still thrashing against him. He wraps his arms around my body, and picks me up, and turns around. He let's go, and swiftly turns me to face him. He looks me straight in the eyes and cups my cheek.

"Calm down, Emma. Just calm down," he says soothingly. I relax, until Courtney comes into my vision. Harry takes notice, and holds his arm up to stop her. She was rushing towards me, trying to pin me down, but Harry wouldn't allow her.

"Harry move!" she yells.

"No!" he fires back. Courtney's face red with her blood, I looked down at my fists to see the my knuckles were also stained with her blood.

"Courtney, let's go," Travis pleads. She doesn't move, but she does start crying again.

"Harry, how could you leave me for her?" She cries, pulling on his arms. His coat was draped over him, and he pushes her off, still looking me in the eyes.

"Well, Miss. Landon, what on earth do we have here?" I hear a voice. One of my professors voices to be exact. Shit. Harry let's go, and turns putting his arm out in front of me.

My life at SCU was doomed.


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