chapter sixteen

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Thomas was always excited when he came to the bakery, but today was different. Excitement poured out of him like sunshine; he glowed. He stood waiting behind the counter, trying to relax but he felt so giddy, so full of joy. He let happiness and excitement soak him, drown him, and he never wanted to forget that feeling. He bounced on his heels, tapping his fingers on the counters, biting his bottom lip to stop himself from smiling too big.

As he waited, he observed the people inside of the bakery. They laughed and smiled, hugged hello and hugged goodbye, discussed hobbies and new relationships, enjoyed their warm drinks and sugary sweets. The bakery was a happy place for everyone. Once someone stepped through the door and the sound of the bell chirping filled their ears, every single worry and problem disappeared because of the warm, calm, welcoming atmosphere. That was Thomas's favourite thing about the bakery, how much joy it brought people. It was no different with himself, he always felt calm and happy in the bakery, but today, the bakery wasn't the main reason of why he felt such happiness.

When a special southsider finally walked through the door, a special feeling grew within Thomas. It started as a tingle in his fingers and toes, slightly remembering him of anxiety, but instead it was a tingle that made him feel warm and safe. He savoured the precious feeling, hoping he would be able to keep it forever.

Newt gave him a smile. A smile so genuinely sweet with a touch of shyness, and it made the tingle inside of Thomas spread through his entire body, visible in his eyes as a small glimmer.

    "Hi," Newt greeted him, his hands resting on the counter, just a couple of inches away from Thomas's own hands that rested on it. "How are you?" The question was so simple, so normal, yet so sweet and meaningful, a way of telling him that Newt really cared about him and genuinely wanted to know how he was doing.

    "I'm happy to see you," Thomas replied, smiling back at him. "I had fun yesterday."

    "Yeah, me too," Newt said, his smile widening a little and his eyes crinkling at the edges, cleary happy that he wasn't the only one who enjoyed their date the previous day.

Their fingers suddenly touched, causing both boys to pull away in surprise, not realising that they both had moved their hands towards the middle of the countertop. Their eyes met and their cheeks turned into a soft red colour, both boys blushing as they shyly laughed at how silly they were acting. The day before, they had been really close, hugging and dancing and teasing. Now, they were shy and not really sure of how to act with each other, if they were more than friends or not, but still as emotionally close to each other. Maybe even closer than before.

Thomas was surprised when he felt Newt's fingers sliding in between his own until their hands were entwined. Newt's smile was now more confident, not as shy as before, which caused Thomas himself to feel more confident. It seemed like the boys both liked each other a lot.

    "I have a break in five. I could make us both some tea and we can sit down together? If you're not busy?" Thomas suggested, Newt's hands so warm and so lovely in his own.

    "I'd love that."

Only five minutes later, the two boys sat together by one of the windows, both of them drinking warm tea and sharing a lemon pie Thomas had brought for them. The smiles on their faces never left them. Thomas could even feel his cheeks hurting after a while from smiling and laughing so much, but he loved it. He loved feeling so happy. He loved being together with Newt.

    "I'd love to go on another date with you sometime," Thomas admitted before he ate another bite of the pie.

    "Tommy," Newt groaned, and for a moment he thought that Newt didn't want to go on another date with him, or maybe that he was tired of Thomas talking about their dated, but no, that wasn't it. "I wanted to be the one to ask you out this time!" Thomas laughed a little, dimples showing.

    "Well, I didn't really ask you." The blond boy smiled at those words, cleared his throat, and took one of Thomas's hands into his own.

    "Would you like to go on another date with me?" he asked and Thomas pretended to hesitate, humming to himself and giving Newt a thoughtful look, making the other boy roll his eyes.

    "Yes, of course," he answered.

    "It's going to be the best date ever, I promise! It will be just as perfect as our first one," Newt told him excitedly and Thomas couldn't help but laugh.

    "You're such a sweet-pie, Newt," he said before he took another bite of the pie.

    "And you're such a cutie-pie, Tommy." The two boys laughed at their bad puns and how silly they were.

    "Aren't you two just adorable?" They both looked up to see Teresa standing by their table with her hands on her hips and a smile. "How was your date yesterday?"

    "Lovely-" "Wonderful-" Thomas and Newt said as the same time, both of them blushing when their eyes met.

    "How was yours with Brenda?" Thomas asked to change the topic from him and Newt quickly before his entire face would burn up. Teresa grabbed Newt's cup of tea and took a sip before she answered.

    "It was perfect. We had a picnic," she replied, a dreamy look in her eyes. Thomas felt so happy for his sister. She deserved to be happy and feel loved, especially after being in many bad relationships before, and Thomas was so proud of her. "We might have shared a kiss or two," she added with a slight blush on her cheeks and a twinkle in her blue eyes. She then gave the two boys a smirk, raising her eyebrows. "What about you two? Kissed yet?"

Thomas's eyes widened, his mouth falling open. Newt almost choked on his tea, his eyes as wide as Thomas's. They looked at each other, but quickly looked away because of how embarrassed they suddenly felt. Thomas pressed his lips together, and then opened his mouth to reply to his sister.

    "Uh, no. We haven't, uh... No," he answered. Teresa laughed at how cute they were and ruffled her brother's hair.

    "I'm only teasing you, boys. I have to get back to work now. Enjoy your tea!"

Both boys became quiet after the girl left, and didn't really dare to look at each other, but a few minutes later, the two laughed it off and continued chatting as if nothing happened.

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I love how our close our cute boys have gotten :') And I hope you've noticed how Newt has opened up to Thomas (because I know he was quite rude in the beginning) and it's makes my heart melt because he's so soft and happy :') And they are so cute and soft and lovely lil angels :')

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