Mafia Boss Series Fun Facts

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These are just some fun facts about my books, the Mafia Boss Series.

1. Sold to the Mafia wasnt my first book. I actually had another Mafia book called Collision, it had between 15-17 chapters when I started Sold to the Mafia boss. Unfortunately, I wasn't as inspired with that book, and I didn't like it anymore, so I deleted it.

2. I started writing Sold to the Mafia boss when I was 14, which was like a little over a year after I'd been on wattpad. I had two accounts on here, I took a break and forgot the other account so I created this one. My little sister found my old account and managed to login to it, and she made it hers.

3. Hazel originally wasn't supposed to show up in the book after after she was mentioned in the first few chapters of book one. But, I wanted a plot twist when Anna went to go talk to Andrew in the cells, and Hazel being named 'Hazel' fit perfectly. So her coming back and being related to Anna was unplanned but it fit and that made me so happy. Also, I came up with Hazel while watching Bunk'd on Disney Channel 😂😂

4. I actually struggled when I was thinking of a reason behind Savannah's kidnapping. I wanted to throw y'all off by thinking it was the guy who told Dante to keep a close eye on her. But when I was trying to decide how Andrew would relate to the kidnapping I was stuck between him being Anna's brother, or psychotic ex-fiancé. But obviously I chose brother.

5. The girls being decided whether or not they'd be a maid or go to the 'whore' house was based off of what they wore when they first were in front of Dante. Though if they wore something revealing and he thought they were too young to be seducing men and dealing drugs, then they'd be a maid, although that didn't happen with him.

6. Samantha, from book 2, was in the 'whore' house, not necessarily by choice, but not by force either. She needed fast money, as she was kicked out of her home by her parents because she was having sex before marriage. She came across one of Dante's men, and that's how she started working for him. Also, at one point Dante forgot he put her on kitchen duty, and Savannah has to remind him to take her off.

7. Amy and John were named after Amy Jergens and her son from The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. I was binge watching that show at the time and decided why not. If you don't know about the show then just know a 15 year old girl gets pregnant at band camp and named the baby John. There's a lot of other stuff that goes on but Amy was kind of the main focus.

8. I actually forgot that I named Dante's mom Sarah towards the middle of the second book. So when I was naming the nannies, there was a Sarah and a Kelly, I'd forgotten that they share a name. But adding 'nanny' before their names helped.

9. I killed off Sarah (Dante's mom) because I knew I wasn't going to use her in book two, book two was more about Savannah and Dante's relationship and then being parents. So when I made the decision I decided that that was the way I was going to start off the book. Some of y'all got confused between who died, because you when you saw 'She died and...' you immediately went to the comments, and what not instead of reading through. Also, I'm not the kind of writer that likes to give things away, that's why I kind of made it so you guys will have to think when something like that happens. It's why I put later in that chapter, 'She was the best mom ever' and 'thank you for giving me my sons and my daughter.'

10. The reason Dante and Savannah went to Hawaii for their honeymoon was because, Dante still didn't know if he could trust her. He preferred to take her somewhere where he had more men stationed, than somewhere where he didn't have as many. She'd be easier to catch just in case she ran away.

11. I made sure Savannah didn't escape for a reason. That's why I included all her reasonings as to why she wouldn't run away; she'd be hungry and alone on the streets. Some of you guys asked 'Why won't she help the other people escape?' Savannah didn't know their stories. Despite the situation they were in, it could've helped them some how, because eventually they were getting paid, free housing and free food.

12. Dante and Savannah were never going to have a second wedding, but I felt like he needed to do things right, starting from the beginning. Even though he was kind of nervous, he knew she'd say yes. She was already in too deep to say no anyway.

13. Marino was originally going to be named Mariano but I missed the 'A' between 'I' and 'N' but when I looked up Italian boy names, Marino was one of them, so it's all good.

14. Remember a few A/Ns ago when I said there was never even supposed to be a book 2 nor 3? Well, there was never supposed to be twins either. When I saw so many people were enjoying book one, and thanks to my cousin and sisters, I decided to write book two, but I was struggling on how I would end book 1. So I decided that Savannah would unknowingly be pregnant with twins, and book one would end with the C-section.

15. I purposely didn't put in a lot of school drama in book 2 because that book wasn't supposed to focus on her school life necessarily, just her life with Dante, their kids, and some friends.

16. I named Katherine after my little sister. Her name isn't Katherine though, her middle name is Kathleen but I call her Katherine to annoy her, along with other names. Plus it's a pretty name. Hollandsx3

17. Ashton, Doctor Van's son, is named after my older sister, whose name is also Ashton. Ashtonhollandrocks

18. I got a lot of my inspiration from km_bieber she's my cousin and she's the one who constantly told me I needed to publish my books. She's helped so much with brainstorming, for this book and my others (published and not published) Y'all should go follow her by the way and read her book, The Incubus King.

19. I was going to have Katherine get kidnapped but then I was like, who would she get kidnapped by and why? And for how long? So that's why Marino went into a coma, because in reality, they don't have enemies that'll actually take action against them. This gang was stealing information to make themselves more powerful, but they really had nothing against the De Lucas.

20. Katherine's brother, Sam, was mentioned in about chapter six (Sei), she said that he involved himself with gangs, specifically, the gang that went against the Italian Mafia.

21. Marco is the calmer twin, as you all know. He runs the legal business, and to me I couldn't think of a way to make his life interesting once he took over that's one of the reasons why he won't have a book. Also, Marco is more of a momma's boy than Marino, obviously.

22. I actually hate getting comments from the first half of the first book because I forget that people don't think like I do. So they'll say things about Savannah and Dante's relationship, they keep forgetting about how she was treated and stuff. So I have to try my hardest not to curse some of them out.

23. I didn't mention Steven and Anna's son at all in the third book.

24. Alessandra and Draco were secretly dating throughout the third book, you all only found out at the end though and I didn't drop hints on purpose, but she'll have plenty of spotlight in the bonus chapters.

25. Hazel, Sofia, Arabella, Alessandra and Aria all have a similar personality, their personalities were small representations of my own personality.

26. All the DeLuca children have something in common about their names, the girls all start and end with 'A' and the boys all start with 'M' and end with 'O'

27. All the Davis kids (Sofia and Marcus' children) all start with the letter 'K'

28. None of the DeLuca men have gotten, and never will get vasectomies. Good luck ladies, don't forget to take your birth control 🙂💀.

29. Kenzie wasn't going to be the bitch that she was, but not everything is happy rainbows and sprinkles 🙃.

30. I wrote this entire series within the past seven months.

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