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~~~Five Years Later~~~

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~~~Five Years Later~~~

Marino POV

"Go tell mommy congratulations." I told my sons. There was Antonio, who's the oldest, then Alessandro, and Alessio. The Aless' were twins, the 'Aless' twins as we called them, both of them being four and a half and Antonio was just weeks away from being six.

The three boys ran over to Katherine who was standing with the rest of the family in her cap and gown. She'd just finished getting her bachelors in child services, she'll be working along side my mom. Even though I told her she didn't need to work she demanded that she'd work as she didn't want to be home all day.

I picked up my twin daughters who were taking their precious time walking, they're almost two, but get distracted extremely easily.

Caterina and Carina, were their names. The 'Rina' twins is what we call them. Their age gap is larger from the twin boys because Katherine wanted to wait until after she got her degree, but finals came around and when she found out she passed, we celebrated with a shit ton of alcohol and nine months later the girls came out.

I originally wanted four kids, but five is even better.

"My girls!" Katherine said taking the girls from my arms and kissing their cheeks, making them giggle like crazy.

"Congratulations Gemma." I told her as I kissed her lips.

"Ew!" The boys said simultaneously.

"Papa girls have cooties!" Antonio said to me.

"Your mom and sisters don't." I said kissing the three of them again.

My four year olds began to cry.

"What's wrong?" Katherine asked.

"Papa's going to die!" Alessio screamed.

"Now I'll never go to-to a club!" Alessandro whined.

"What??" Katherine said looking at me.

"I promised to take them to a club when they're 16." I shrugged.


"Seventeen?" I tried.

"How about twenty one??"

"That's too late. I went to my first club when I was almost fifteen." I told her. I didn't drink, my dad wouldn't let me, but I got to see how things were ran there.

"Boys stop crying your dad won't die, at least not because of cooties." Katherine said before walking off with the girls, Antonio following behind her, leaving me with two upset four year olds.

"If you stop crying now we'll go out for ice cream on the way home." I said and they immediately got quiet.

That's my boys.

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