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Marino POV

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Marino POV

Katherine and I got off the plane after the 11 hour flight, she stormed to the car as she was upset. We were in Italy, I brought her here to show her some of the places I visited when I was younger. We also came to see family and it's a great place for a honeymoon.

She was sulking because we'd be here for the next month and she didn't want to leave Antonio for that long. What she doesn't know is my parents will be bringing him in two weeks, their vacation this year got cut short again so they're going to finish it soon. Katherine's mad at me because she thinks I don't care. She kept saying things like,

"What if he says his first word while we're gone?" "Starts walking?" "Crawling by himself??"

Half the stuff she was saying didn't make sense as she was hysterical already. I would think she's pregnant but we haven't had that kind of sex since Ant was born. She faced away from me in the car ride to our villa, eventually falling asleep against the window. When we got to the villa the driver and a security guard brought our luggage into our bedroom while I carried Katherine bridal style into the villa.

I couldn't wait to do this at our real house when we get back.

We've been slowly moving somethings into the new house, hiring staff and what not. Food won't be put into the house until the day before we get there. We decided not to officially move in until we were married, mostly Katherine than me.

"Marino." Katherine said as I laid her on the bed. She was wearing pajama pants and a tank top, as we showered late on the plane ride here.


"I'm sorry. We had our first fight not even being married twenty four hours." She said.

"It's ok, I'll miss him too. But I can guarantee you, the only thing we might miss is him crawling a bit faster. That's all." I told her. She leaned up and I leaned towards her meeting her in the middle as I placed my lips on hers.

"I love you." She said.

"I love you too." I told her before she kissed me again, pulling me closer and deepening the kiss.

I got on top of her, rubbing my hand over her soft, smooth golden skin. I nipped at her lip causing her to jump slightly before she opened up and let me invade her mouth with my tongue. I began pulling her tank top up, moving her bra out the way and I gently massaged her breasts. She moaned into my mouth as I felt her hands roaming my body.

I pulled away as I got her tank top off and unhooked her bra, she kissed me once before taking my shirt off.

We kissed as we took the rest of each other's clothes off, feeling on one another, leaving me rock hard and her dripping. I got underneath her and flipping her body around so we were in a 69 position.

"Don't stop, okay?" I said. She nodded as she began stroking my cock. I dug into her forbidden fruit, savoring her sweet taste. She moaned as her lips were wrapped tightly around my large shaft, I could feel the back of her throat hitting my tip and it made me groan.

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