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~~~Two Months Later~~~

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~~~Two Months Later~~~

~~~Katherine and Marino's Wedding Day~~~ 

Narrator POV  Katherine stood in the dressing room in just her bra and underwear, with Aria and her sisters. Katherine was holding a five month Antonio on her hip as they looked at her dress. 

"It's gorgeous." Aria commented. 

"It is." Katherine said as she slowly walked around it. She's only tried it on once and that was over a month ago. Since then she's lost a lot of her baby weight, so the tailor had to come alter the dress quickly before the wedding, otherwise the dress would be loose. 

"Um...where's Anastasia?" Katherine asked. 

"She shou—" 

"Sorry I'm late." Anastasia said rushing into the room with flushed cheeks as she had ran from one end of the building to the other. 

"Ok so, Sylvia will be here any second to fix the dress and I just had to feed Antonio. So can you bring him to Marino for me please. And get a blanket from one of the closets so he can have tummy time, please. I forgot his at home." Katherine said. 

"Yeah I'll bring him." Anastasia said taking Antonio from Katherine. 

"Here's his diaper bag there's like two extra bottles in there, and formula just in case because he eats a lot." Katherine said, they were slowly switching Antonio to formula milk so Katherine didn't have to breast feed anymore, as she was planning on going back to school to get a degree in child protective services. So she needed Antonio to be just a little less dependent on her when it came to being fed.

"Ok thanks." Anastasia said as she turned and left the room. 

She was halfway to the room Marino was dressing in when she remembered the blanket. 

"Closet. Closet." She mumbled looking around. She opened a random door and immediately regretted it. 

Draco held Alessandra in his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist. He was shirtless and Alessandra's blouse was undone. They were making out and close to having sex. 

"Oh my God. Sorry." Anastasia said covering Antonio's eyes and turning around quickly. 

"Shit" - "Fuck" Alessandra and Draco said at the same time. Draco quickly set Alessandra down and pulled on his shirt while Alessandra re-buttoned her blouse. 

"Anastasia you can't tell dad. Or anyone." Alessandra said. 

"I won't. I just need a blanket from the closet." She said looking around. 

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