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Marino POV 

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Marino POV 

I turned the shower off and stepped out. Katherine was still asleep, it took her all night to get comfortable and by the time she did, it was early morning. I talked to Ashton at the party yesterday, so we'll go to the hospital this afternoon for an ultrasound. 

It'll be the first time I'm going to see my baby, without looking at older ultrasound pictures.  I've been working pretty hard on trying to gain my muscles and weight back and what not. I've had to change my whole diet and workout routine, but I plan on beating Marco and using those 18 hours of free babysitting to my advantage. 

Katherine was sitting up when I walked out our closet, she yawned and rubbed her belly a little. Pressing down on certain spots. 

"What's wrong?" I asked. 

"Um...I'm not sure yet. He's not moving." She said and my heart dropped a little. Maybe she saw the look on my face, because her eyes went wide before she spoke again. 

"No. He's alive I know that. It's just that he's not as active like he normally is." She said. 

"We'll go check around 12:30." I told her and she nodded. 

After she showered and changed her clothes, we went downstairs for breakfast with the family. 

"Ok so, the wedding is back on. So are we going to do this before or after you guys' baby is born?" Julia, Marco's fiancé, asked when we got downstairs. 

"After. I already feel fat, I don't want to feel fatter." Katherine said. 

"You're not fat." I said to her quietly, kissing the top of her head. 

"Three months postpartum. That way we can resend invitations, and reschedule the venue and stuff. Plus you should be healed by then." Julia said to Katherine, who nodded awkwardly. 

Breakfast was more like brunch since we were having it so late, we left the house around 12 to get to the hospital on time. 

"Stop being so nervous. You're making me nervous." I said to Katherine. 

"I'm trying." She whined. I grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it before intertwining our fingers. 

We quickly arrived at the hospital and met with Ashton, after greetings we went to the room where he'll check on the baby. 

"What do you think is wrong?" He asked as he got the machine ready. 

"He was moving around a lot the other day, and now I barely feel him. So I don't really know." Katherine told him. Ashton nodded and put the gel on her stomach before grabbing the wand and moving it around. 

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