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Marino POV

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Marino POV

I was kneeling beside Katherine as she slept. I couldn't believe she's having our baby. I hope it's a boy.

I hated when Bella would rub in our faces that she was older than us. And my daughter would need an overprotective big brother in the future to side with me.

I gently rubbed her swollen belly, careful not to wake her up. We didn't go to sleep until nearly 4 in the morning, after my mom had to come see me for herself, a too early call to Ashton, and some other family. It was ridiculous. They acted like I just woke from the dead-I guess I kind of did.

Suddenly I felt a nudge on my hand. My baby kicked.

And then it kicked again. And again. And again.

Katherine began to to shift in her sleep.

"Stop kicking before you wake up your mom." I whispered into her belly. I felt one more kick before it stopped, and Katherine stopped moving again.

My mind began wondering to what the baby would look like. Would it have my eyes or Katherine's? Her nose or mine? Whose lips? Would it's hair be black or brown or light brown? I bet it's hair will be curly since Kat's hair is curly.

I looked at the time, it was almost 11. I stood up and covered her in the blanket then quietly walked out the room. I walked down to the kitchen where everyone was getting ready for lunch.

"Mari!!" Adriana yelled running up to me. I bent down and hugged her, Ashton wants me to take it easy so I can't carry anything, or anyone.

"I missed you." She said into my neck.

"I missed you too Ana." I said.

"When did you wake up?" She asked.

"Very early this morning." I told her.

"Did you see Kat? She's going to have a baby! Aria says not to tell her how big she looks but her belly is HUGE!" Adriana said holding her arms out. I chuckled at her.

"Yeah don't tell her that." I said standing up. I've learned not to tell a pregnant woman how big she is. I can remember every pregnancy my mom had from after Marco and I were born, because we were four when she got pregnant with Aria. I could remember feeling her stomach all the time, but I stopped as I got older because it was becoming awkward. So when I was like 12, she was pregnant with Anastasia, and I stopped touching her belly. I haven't touched one up until Katherine last night.

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