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~~~5 Months Later~~~ ~~~7 and a half Months (30 weeks) Pregnant~~~

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~~~5 Months Later~~~
~~~7 and a half Months (30 weeks) Pregnant~~~

Katherine POV

When I asked Dante what they did to traitors, for some odd reason, I didn't except him to give me such a blunt answer.

I should've though. But it confirmed that, they...we? Killed my brother.

Would it be we? Since technically I am apart of the family.

I don't know.

Dante didn't kill him personally, Draco, Leo and Hazel's son, who are also family friends, he killed Sam. Dante said that Draco is a combination of his mother and father, making him-in Dante's words-"the sickest fuck I've ever met." And he ended that with a chuckle.

He said he was kind of sorry I lost my-once again in his words-"shitty younger brother. But he betrayed me and my family, that includes you. I regret nothing." He said.

And as much as I wanted to feel bad, my thoughts were clouded by the fact that he never even addressed me as Katherine. Just, the other sister, or some insulting name. He never treated me like a sister, hell he treated me worse than a stranger.

And all for what?

Guess I'll never know.

I just left Marino's room after yelling at him. And then apologizing for yelling at him. And some other crazy shit.

Today marks, seven months since Marino's been asleep, today is also, finally, my 20th birthday. And I've been here for almost a year. But I don't want to celebrate it, what's the point when the person I want there the most won't be?

(A/N: Just so y'all know, she'd just recently turned 19 when Marino found her.)

But Savannah insisted that I have a small party with family over, including my family, who I'm rebuilding relations with.

Honestly, Savannah's the mom I never had but always wanted. She's helped me so much throughout everything, she went six months without Dante while she was pregnant, and she even delivered. So I've been getting advice from her and Dante a little. They've been telling me what they did, how they coped...more Savannah than Dante. He resorted to alcohol a few times and I can't have that, whether I was pregnant or not.

I made sure I looked half way decent before walking into the kitchen.

Marco's in the kitchen. He was staring at my birthday cake.

"I fucking dare you to touch it." I said to him. He looked at me with a cocked up eyebrow and an amused look, just like Marino would.

"So we're talking now?" He asked taking a seat.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"I just thought that you should know I'm not as forgiving as your mom and I'll fuck you up in a heartbeat if you touch my shit." I said casually.

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