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~~~Three Weeks Later~~~

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~~~Three Weeks Later~~~

Katherine POV

"Adriana it's time to come in!" I yelled at the now five year old.

"Not yet! I still need a carrot." She said back.

"Your mom said she'll get one later, now come in before my toes freeze off." I said.

"Ok. I'm coming." She said running towards me.

There's a week until Christmas.

Marino is still asleep, this would've been our first Christmas together. It's been a little over two months.

The snow started falling heavily like a week and a half ago, so every morning since, I've been coming out with Adriana to play in the snow, because no one else did and I need something to do to occupy myself.

Today, I'm going to see my father though. And I'm kind of scared. I don't even know if he'll be home.

"Today makes 12 snow people. Like the 12 days of Christmas!" Adriana said and I nodded.

She was determined to make at least one snowman a day, but we've been making two for the past couple days. She wants a snowman family, and because of this, the human family is running out of carrots. And winter clothes. After taking a shower and having lunch, I was making my way out with Marico, Lorenzo and Scratch. Marcio wanted to take Lorenzo out of the house so when he found out I was going to see my dad, he invited himself and figured why not.

"He looks absolutely adorable." I said to Marcio as I looked at Lorenzo in his car seat. He was bundled up with a hat, a stuffed animal, and a blanket, including his regular clothes and a jacket.

"He does doesn't he?" Marcio said.

Lorenzo's blue eyes sparkled and he let out a cute giggle.

I'm eleven weeks tomorrow, and seeing Marcio with Lorenzo has made me even more anxious to meet my baby. And then I spend the mornings with Adriana and the anxiety dies down.

Before going to my dad's house we dropped off Marcio at some place he wanted to take Lorenzo, that kid is no where near a year old and gets spoiled more than I have ever been. I got out the car, Scratch following behind me, and walked up to the door of my old house. I know I should've been here months ago but it is what it is.

The house isn't super big, but it's not small either. I guess mini mansion could be used to describe it.

I knocked on the door and waited a few seconds before I heard someone unlocking it.

"Oh great, you got your casts off." Simone said immediately.
At least she noticed.

"Nice to see you too." Bitch.

"Is my dad here?" I asked her.

"Yeah." She said. Her whole demeanor changed.

"Come in." She said eyeing Scartch behind me.

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