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~~~Two Weeks Later~~~

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~~~Two Weeks Later~~~

Savannah POV (OH MY GOD I KNOW!)

"What is that?" I asked Ashton, he's doctor Van's son, he's been taking care of Marino since he's been in the hospital, it's been two weeks.

"A dog tag necklace that he was wearing, this stopped the second bullet." He said handing it to me.

"I don't remember him having something like this." I mumbled. I looked at the necklace that had a small dent in it.

'M & K'


The necklace had initials on them, and it didn't take me long to realize they were Katherine's and Marino's and it has a few dates on it, ones that I'm guessing are important to them.

"Thank you." I said and he nodded.

"When can we move him?" I asked looking at my sleeping son. It pained me to see him with so many wires attached to him again.

"As soon as he starts breathing on his own. He's improving, slowly but surely." Ashton said and I nodded.

"How's Katherine doing?" He asked.

"Not good. She's sulking a lot, not eating, barely sleeping. And she refuses to be in the same room as Marco. You can tell she's not doing well too because her face is always pale." I told him.

"When was the last time she was here?" He asked.

"I think two days ago. She wanted to come today but she said she wasn't feeling good, and she didn't come yesterday because she was crying all day after seeing him on Sunday."

We stood in silence and I watched as Marino heart monitor sped up and then slowed down.

"I think I should send her to see Kelly." I said after a while.

"You think it's that bad?" Ashton asked.

"I know it is. She's already been through a lot and this is just the icing on the cake, who knows what she's thinking right now. If I bring her to Kelly, she can help her relax and eat better." I said.

"It'd be good for her mental health." He commented and I nodded in agreement.

Kelly has become some kind of special therapist, she helps a lot with the people that work with the family. She has her own place in an isolated area where people can go, they can relax there and get the weight of the world off their shoulders for a few days or so. I think Katherine should go, I know she needs to.

"And the wedding?" Ashton asked.

"Marco wants to postpone it until Marino wakes up, he's his best man." I told him. Julia didn't even hesitate to agree that they should wait, but she said she's not waiting more than a year because she's ready now, and Marino would understand. She's special.

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