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Katherine POV

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Katherine POV

The next morning I woke up to Marino calling my name, but I ignored him. I'm not mad, I'm just tired. I didn't go to sleep until like 2 in the morning, it's too early for him to try to wake me up right now.

He's lost his damn mind.

"Gem wake up." Marino said.


"Gem." He said again.

"Baby it's too early for this. I know you hear me." He said.

"No I don't." I groaned as I flipped my pillow onto the cold side. Then suddenly it was taken from me.

"Hey! Give it back!" I whined.

"Get up." He said.

"I can't walk." I said wiggling my toes.

"Who's fault is that?" He asked

"Yours, you monster cock asshole." I grumbled and he laughed.

"Monster cock. Say it again." He said.

"No." I said.

I felt him near my face and he began to place kisses on my face and neck.

"Say it." He said.

"You're a monster cock asshole. Now can I go back to sleep?" I asked.

"No. You're coming to work with me today." He said.

"Heck no. Keep your mafia shit to yourself." I said.

"I'm going into the city. Marco and Julia have wedding planning to do, so I'm going over some meetings for him today." He said.

"I can stay here." I said.

"You did that yesterday, and now you're fucked out. Now get up before I drag your ass to the shower." He said.

"Please daddy?" I said looking up at him and his eyes literally got like three shades darker.

"Don't start something you can't finish." He strained out.

"Fine. Grumpy asshole with a big dick." I said as I rolled off the bed. Yes. I hit the ground.

"Seriously Katherine. What the fuck." Marino said walking over to me.

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