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A/N: In no way whatsoever is this upcoming chapter rape

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A/N: In no way whatsoever is this upcoming chapter rape. Katherine has given her consent. You will never read her asking for him to stop because he's hurting her, she'll never cry because she's being forced to do something she doesn't want to do. You all have been warned and I swear if I see any comments on this being rape (which it's not) then they'll be deleted, because they're 100% irrelevant. And anyone against anything in this chapter can skip it and suck my dick. 🙃 This whole chapter is porn in words. Anyway, Enjoy! 💖

Katherine POV

"I'm going to fuck you hard, and you're not going to make a single sound, understood?" He said as his dull blue eyes pierced through my pale green ones. I swallowed hard at the seriousness of his voice.

"I'm not going to ask again." He said.

"Yes." I said. He walked into the bathroom and I heard faucet water running. Then he came back out a few seconds later and sat on the bed right next to me and pulled my body over his lap.

"Count." He said pulling my underwear down.

Half of me wasn't looking forward to this, and the other part of me was excited for it.

Unexpectedly, the first spank came crashing down hard on my ass and I gasped.

"One." I said quietly.

"Mi hai mentito. In pratica sei uscito di soppiatto. Sei andato a una festa del cazzo di madre. Potrebbe esserti successo qualcosa di brutto." He said, spanking me in between each sentence.

( You lied to me. You basically snuck out. You went to a mother fucking party. Something bad could have happened to you. )

"Five." I said when he finished speaking.

Either I was lucky, or I had something bad coming for me because he only gave me ten. He then slid a finger into my dripping sex.

"You like being spanked don't you?" He asked. When I didn't answer he pulled my hair so my head was tilted back to look at him.

"Answer me." He demanded.

"Yes." I said honestly, biting my lip to suppress a smile.

Now is not the time. I swear I always smile at the worst times.

He pulled his finger out and let go of my hair.

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