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~~~Two Weeks Later~~~

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~~~Two Weeks Later~~~

A/N: Guys I'm sorry there's so many time jumps, but I have something huge planned coming up and I need Kat and Mari to be further in their relationship. 😊😊 Thanks. Enjoy! 💖

Katherine POV

I opened one eye and looked at the clock on my nightstand.


I groaned and turned over. Marino woke at like 7 this morning for work, but not without waking me up also.

I slipped out of bed, careful of my jelly legs, and walked to the bathroom and took a warm bath.

After dressing and making myself look decent I went downstairs to the kitchen immediately, because I'm starving. I haven't even been working out lately. Marino is my work out.

"Damn I haven't seen you in forever." Alessandra said as soon as I walked into the kitchen, she was bottling feeding Lorenzo.

Kenzie's things were moved out of the house while she was in the hospital, she went straight back to her dad's house, but this family paid the hospital bills of course. I'm pretty sure she's moving out of state soon.

"I saw you at dinner. And I thought you had school." I said looking in the fridge.

"Marino must not only be fucking you but your memory too, I graduated last year." She said and I snorted.

"Funny." I said grabbing the ingredients to make a reuben sandwich.

"What cha makin?" She asked eyeing my ingredients.

"A reuben sandwich." I said grabbing some rye bread.

"Can I have one? I've never had one." She said and I looked at her wide eyed.


"Nope. Never. I've heard about them, but you know, rich people." She said rolling her eyes then looked down and Lorenzo. I laughed and took out extra ingredients and a pan to make everything.

15 minuets later Alessandra and I were enjoying our sandwiches while Lorenzo slept in my arms.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"It's so good!" She said taking another large bite and I laughed.

"I used to make them all the time. I was craving them today." I said to her.

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