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Marino POV

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Marino POV

I stood by the bed and watched as Katherine tried to tie her hair up, which was a struggle for her because of the cast on her arm.

She threw her arms down and her hair fell.

"Need a hair tie?" I asked as I kept myself from laughing at her struggling.

"You've been standing there watching me struggle without a hair tie for 15 minuets. Yes I need a damn hair tie." She said as she glared at me.

I walked over to the closet and opened the drawer next to the one that held my watches, which revealed a shit ton of black hair ties.

"What the hell." She whispered next to me.

"This is freaking heaven. Why do you have fifty trillion hair ties?" She asked looking side ways at me.

"One, because I have a ton of hair, thanks to my mom, and sometimes I wear my hair in a man bun when no one's around. And two, they always disappear and I don't know how, and my sisters loose them too, all the time. Now turn around." I said.

She huffed and turned around and I pulled her hair back and put it into a tight ponytail.

"Is it too tight?" I asked

"No, it feels good." She said.

"You like them tight?" I asked huskily as dirty thoughts ran through my mind.

"Yeah. Don't you?" She asked turning around and facing me. I pulled her close to me by her waist and ducked my head to her right ear.

"I like a lot of things tight gem." I said placing a light kiss behind her ear as I rubbed her hips softly. Her breath hitched and her breathing became faster.

"Um-uh the-the movie." She whispered.

"Hurry and change." I said letting her go.

"Yea yea." She mumbled, pushing me out the closet.

"This is my closet woman." I said.

"My body." She said.

My body.

My girl.

I waited by the bed as she took her precious time changing clothes. A few minutes later the door opened and she walked out, putting her old clothes in the dirty clothes basket.

I looked her up and down and began battling whether or not I should let her leave this room dressed that way.

Apart of me wants to rip it off her, bend her over and fuck her senseless, but it's too early. I should at least wait until she gets her casts off.

"Marino!" She said loudly.

"What?" I asked looking at her face.

"You were staring." She said with a nervous laugh.

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