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Katherine POV

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Katherine POV

"Wait so Marcio got a girl pregnant, and she tried to kill it, then give it up for adoption, then she signed papers that gave up all her rights, and she tried to run away with it. But now she's living with you guys, so that's why we had to get baby clothes?" Johanna said.

"Yes bitch! That's the story how many fucking times do we have to tell you??" Aria said.

"Ok you can calm down now." Johanna said back.

"You know what, I'm out. My shopping trip has become solo." Aria said before walking off, a couple guards following behind her.

"This is a problem, last time she almost got arrested so I'll trail her." Anastasia said walking after her sister along with one more guard.

"Guys! We're meeting back at Panda Express at three!" Anastasia yelled.

"Kk!" Kelsey yelled back.

"I'm out." Johanna said walking the opposite direction of Anastasia and Aria.

"I guess it's just us four." Kegan said.

"Yes! Ok let's go to Victoria's Secret first. Dad won't let me go and he always gets mom to agree with him." Kelsey said with a huff.

We all walked to the store while talking about what we'd get, except I didn't really say much. These places kind of make me uncomfortable. We were in there for 45 minuets and I winded up getting a lot more than I though I would, but I felt bad for using Marino's card.

We were in another store, I had attempted to use my own money when I saw an ATM but Scratch stopped me, and then we argued, then he threatened to call Marino and that shut me up.

"Why aren't you buying anything?" Scratch asked as I looked through racks.

"I haven't seen anything I like." I lied.

"That's a lie, pick out what you want. He said he didn't mind." He said back.

I looked around, Kelsey, Kayla and Kegan were looking in separate sections by themselves, and guards were carefully watching us and the people around us.

"I'm ok." I said and he nodded his head and stepped back.

I kept looking at different clothes, the ones I didn't like I scrunched my nose and put back but I ones I did like I just nodded my head and made a mental note of it.

"You ready?" Kayla asked me.

"Yeah we can go." I sighed.

"Last store then we're going to Panda Express." Kelsey said.

We spent only 30 minuets in this store and once again I bought very little, though I looked at a ton of stuff.

Eventually we all did meet up at Panda Express and we were sitting down away from most people as we talked and ate.

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