Chapter 10 She Was Using The Stove

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Chapter 10

I took a deep breath and started my story.

"I really didn't want Zayn to leave for the X-Factor. We had a really close relationship. I figured good woud come out of it, though. And I was right," All smiles so far, "The day after Zayn was gone, my dad left us because...because...," I couldn't continue. "Because why?" Zayn asked. Oh, poor, innocent Zayn. He was no longer Zayn the pain. He was Zayn who had unknowingly been the cause of everything, starting with making my dad leave. I continued, even though I knew he would be upset, "Because he couldn't stand being alone with us," It sounds like a stupid reason and it is. Next to me, I heard Zayn breathe in sharply, "WHAT SORT OF REASON IS THAT?!" He screamed. I shrugged sadly and went on, "After my dad left, I called Zayn up, crying. I asked him to come home, but he said he couldn't until after the X-Factor. Mum went into a horrible depression then, and I took over the family." "Ivy Rose?" Zayn asked. I shook my head, "Mum had a baby girl, Malli, with some guy we've never met.'" "HUH? I have 4 sisters??" Zayn was shocked. "Yep. When you didn't come home after the X-Factor, long story short, I packed us up and moved us to New York City, and things pretty much got better. The end, mostly," I said. All of the boys were staring at me. I burst into tears. Zayn had tears streaming quietly down his face. He hugged me, whispering, " Management wouldn't let me come home," and "This is all my fault," over and over. I shook my head, "It's not your fault." We stayed like that for awhile, hugging each other. I started to stop crying.

"AWWW! Aren't they the cutest!" Louis said loudly.

I let go of Zayn and got up slowly. I walked over to where Louis was sitting and smiled sweetly. He abruptly stood up, realizing my purpose. He tried to run away, but I grabbed him, flipping him onto the ground and standing on his back.

"Ugh. Why meee?" Louis whined, "What do you have against, like, Hazza?"

I laughed, "Oh, nothing. I just have more reasons to torment you."

Zayn started laughing hysterically, probably at the fact that his little sister has used a self-defense move on Louis Tomlinson twice in one day.

"God, that's the 2nd time today she made him laugh!" Harry said, "What's next?'

I knew what was next.

I gave Zayn a hug and ruffled his hair. He hugged me back and ruffled mine. We hugged a moment longer before pulling apart and fixing our hair.

The boys all gaped.

"We practically get thrown out a window if we so much as lay a finger on his hair!" Niall said.

I shrugged.

Harry walked over to me and reached out to ruffle my hair.  I grabbed his arm and twisted it, flipping him onto the couch. LIKE A NINJA!

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