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Marino POV

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Marino POV

"No, I think there's a mole." I said.

My dad, Marco, Leo, his son Draco, Steven, his son Mariano, Kaleb, Keaton, Marcello, Marcio, John and Dimitri, and I were all in the conference room at the house. There have been shipments disappearing, and ammunition numbers dropping. Something's wrong.

"A mole?" Dad said. He has his thinking face on. We've only ever had one mole, that was years ago, her name was Rossi, she was responsible for my mother being kidnapped, aside from the kidnapper himself. She was jealous of my mom because my father chose to be with my mom and not her.

"That would make sense." Marco said. My father nodded along with some of the older men in the room.

"I say we break everyone up into groups, tell them all different things, then wherever this 'gang' strikes next, we can at least narrow down the amount of people." My dad said.

"Then eventually the number will narrow down to one person." I finished.

"Exactly." He said.

"Sounds like a plan." Uncle Marcus said.

"Marco get me reports on every shipment we have coming in within the next month. We'll make each of them smaller and divide the warehouse drop offs. Kaleb, I need lists on every new member brought in in the past two years, anyone that's been here long enough by now wouldn't be crazy enough to betray us." I said.

"Everyone else, keep a close eye out on everyone. This puts everything, and everyone in danger." I warned, looking around. I know my family couldn't be the ones betraying us, but Dino betrayed his family. And he was the leader.

Afterwards we discussed some legal business deals and then we all left to get started on whatever.

This morning Katherine tried to leave the house, so I assigned Scratch to watch her. She's going to give me trouble, that's obvious, but she'll give in eventually. She has to. Especially because I'm not letting her go.

"Marino." Kaleb said walking up to me. I just left the kitchen after...discussing something with Katherine in private.

I turned and looked at him.

"That guy that got away, and the one who was unconscious, they're down in the cells." He said.

"Great." I mumbled as I switched my direction towards the basement. I wanted to know why they chose to do that to her. Most men, if they wanted to rape a girl, they wouldn't go through the trouble of breaking her bones and beating her to a point of unconsciousness. They'd probably knock her unconscious, yes, but break her bones and hurt her the way they did. No.

Kaleb followed me down to the basement, telling me where their cell is. When I got there I saw the two men, tied up blindfolded in chairs, back to back. Their heads were down and their breathing was calm and normal.

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