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Katherine POV

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Katherine POV

I sat on the patio outside at a table while watching some of the kids swim. Alessandra and Aria, two of Marino's sisters, were sitting with me. Aria was reading and Alessandra and was doing God knows what on her phone.

"What does it mean if Marino says I'm his?" I asked out of the blue. I'm not going to lie, the sleep I got last night in his arms was some of the best sleep I've gotten in a while. But all day it's been bothering me, what does he mean 'I'm his?'

The girls gasped and looked at me wide eyed. "What?" They said at the same time.

"He said that to you??" Aria asked, taking her glasses off and setting her book down. I nodded.

"Last night."

"Last night?" Alessandra asked setting her phone down.


"What do you mean?" Aria asked.

"I slept in his room." I shrugged like it was no big deal, because I didn't think it was one.

"Oh come on, you get to see his room but I don't." Alessandra whined.

"You haven't seen his room?" I asked wide eyed. She shook her head no.

"Almost none of us saw his room since it was redecorated. He doesn't let anyone go in there, hell, you're the first girl to sleep in his bed." She said rolling her eyes and throwing her hands up.

"I asked him why he wouldn't let me go and he said I'm his, what is that supposed to mean?" I asked again.

"Basically, he's interested in you. He wants you. The same thing happened with Marco and Julia, and my Dad and Mom, Uncle Mark and Aunt Sofia, some others. I'm not going to lie, the men in this family tend to be do I put this? Very...-" Aria said

"Possessive?" Alessandra answered.

"Yes! Very possessive. Julia was dating this guy before she met Marco, they broke up but he still tried to get her, Marco nearly killed the guy. And something similar happened with my mom, you might find out later, she kind of has a...not so bright past. Marino has a worse temper so I won't be surprised if he kills someone over you." Aria said.

He already has.

"Why me?" I asked and they shrugged.

"For a number of reasons that we probably can't answer. Marco and Julia argue all the time but they can be hippies together." She said.

"Yeah, they haven't been diagnosed with Bi-polar, but I swear they are. All of them. Every last male in this house." Alessandra said.

"How do I tell Marco and Marino apart?" I asked.

"Marino has a scar on his his neck that you can see from the front and the back. Marco doesn't have a scar." Aria answered.

"How'd he get it?" I asked.

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