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~~~Two Weeks Later~~~

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~~~Two Weeks Later~~~

Katherine POV (Finally! I know right.)

The sound of constant beeping pissed me off. I tried ignoring it, but it seemed like the more I tried, the louder it got.

"Bub-bub bubble gup-gup guppies. Bubble bubble bubble guppies guppies guppies. Bubble. Bubble. Guppies. Guppies. Dun dun. Bubble guppies. Bubble guppies!" I heard a small voice sing, she ended with a giggle.

"Good morning Kat." The girl said.

"Doctor Van said you should be awake by now, but you won't remember what happened. I'm Adriana, in case you forgot." She said.

I groaned. Not because I was annoyed, but because the pain had just kicked in.

"Hey! You made a noise!" She said and I felt the bed dip next to me. I felt her reach onto my face and she opened my eyes.

"B-Bright." I said shutting my eyes.

"You must be hungry." She said stepping down.

I opened my eyes slowly and looked at her. She was looking down, as she reached into the pocket of the romper she was wearing.

She pulled out a small jar of jelly beans.

"Here. Do you want jelly beans? These are really good, but you can't tell my daddy because mommy gave me these and he doesn't know." She said as she popped the top and poured some into her small hand. She had doe dull blue eyes that sparkled with innocence.

"The blue ones aren't that good, neither are the black ones, but the pink and red ones are really good." She said.

"Katherine doesn't need jelly beans Ana." A faintly familiar voice said. I turned my head slowly in the direction of the voice and my eyes widened as I remembered everything that happened.

He killed them.

"Ana go to mommy." He said while looking at the little girl.

"Ok, I just got to put these back in." She said as she slowly walked out.

When she was gone the guy closed the door and looked at me, he had dull blue eyes that matched the little girl's.

Is he her father?

"How are you feeling?" He asked. My eyes were still wide. He was acting as if he didn't just kill someone last night.

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