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Marino POV

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Marino POV

"Dad, Marino, um...can we talk?" Marcio asked. I was working on some shipments with my dad, the numbers are off. I'm beginning to think we may have a mole.

"Have a seat." My dad said.

Marcio closed the office door and took a seat in front of us.

It's been two days since Katherine's been asleep. She's been pretty stable, Doctor Van comes by to check on her every morning and night, he's coming with his son, who's also a doctor, because he's planning on retiring, which is long over due for him.

"You just got back. What did you do now?" Dad said.

He's going to tell him.

"Um. I don't know how, but Kenzie, she's preg-Dad I'm going to be a dad and she wants to put him up for adoption. She told me she was on the pill when it happened, I was drunk and she knew it." He said gripping his hair.

"She's going to put him up for adoption?" My dad asked.

Marcio nodded.

"I don't want her to. She doesn't want the baby." He said.

"Marino call your brother, tell him to meet us at this girl's house. And bring custody papers." My dad said standing up.

"Cazzo ridicolo cercando di dare in adozione il mio nipote." Dad mumbled as he walked out his office.

( Fucking ridiculous trying to give my grandchild up for adoption. )

I pulled out my phone and dialed Marco's number.

"What's up?" He asked immediately.

"Dad wants you to meet us at Marcio's girlfriend's house. She's pregnant and wants to put the baby up for adoption. And bring custody papers."


"Yeah hurry up." I said then hung up.

"Send him the address." I said as I gave Marcio my phone.

We walked down to the front of the house and got into one of the SUV's. My father was basically fuming. This is the second time this has happened in our family. The first was with Kaleb's old girlfriend. She got pregnant and didn't tell him, she was going to put the baby up for adoption without him knowing. When we found out all of us were livid, we eventually got custody rights and made sure Kaleb's daughter would never see her mother. Not that her mother cared anyway, that bitch.

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