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Marino POV

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Marino POV

I slid on my leather jacket as I walked out the girl's house. Either her name was Lynn, or Rylynn or Ryan I'm not sure, I don't remember.

I walked to the black SUV waiting for me. The driver opened the door and I got in.

"Your mother's going to fucking kill you dumbass." My father said, the sound of his Italian accent filling the car.

I didn't even realize he was in the car.

"Why?" I asked looking at my phone.

"You missed your sister's talent show." He said.

"Shit. I forgot."

"Of course you did." He said.


"Don't dad me. If your ass gets whooped with a broom again I'm not helping." He said

"Why are you even here?" I asked

"I'm planning a trip, and I was finishing some work with your brother, when I get a call saying my car needs to pick up my idiotic son." He snapped.

"Just tell the driver to bring me back to the club, my car is there." I said

"My car was picked up at 3 in the morning." He said and I rolled my eyes earning a smack on the back of my head.

"Besides, we need to talk." He said.


"You need a heir. Stop fucking around with all those puttanas." He said.

( Whores )


"Your brother has Julia, they'll be getting married soon so he has someone to take over, you need someone. And I want your kids to be around the same age, it's imperative they get along."

"Marco and I don't even get along." I said

"That's a big ass lie. You have your opinions but you work together well."


"I don't want to hear it." He said putting his hand up and dismissing the conversation. I sighed frustratedly.

The rest of the ride was quiet as we drove to the house.

"Marino Lorenzo De Luca!" My mother yelled as soon as I got into the house.

"Marcello it's time for your training!" Dad yelled walking off as mom stormed towards me.

"Hey ma."

"Don't 'hey ma' me, your sister's in her room expecting an apology from you. I can't freaking believe you, ragazzo stupido." She said after hitting me on the back of my head.

( you dumb boy )

Even though my mom's American she's been with my dad for almost 30 years, so she's fluent in Italian and she spends so much time with him that she's started speaking like him, just less cursing.

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