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A week has pass and me and Jordan have made this the most exhausted vacations ever. Everyday we went to a different place, to eat, to dinner, to have fun, we even went to a night club. It was all so amazing but today was sunday and everyone declared that this day would be the day off, apparently all had plans to go in couples. Niall told me his plans for this great day with Hannah. Just like Liam had a romantic day planned. Louis, Lauren, Harry and Kay would go shopping and eat out. When we would be awakened only Jordan, Zayn and me will be at the house. Isn't that great? I thought. I didn't want to get up, that would mean I would have to face my day. When I became such a baby? Angry at myself I got out of bed and changed. I put on my bathing suit, shorts, my flip flops, a white transparent blouse, adjusted my hair in a messy bun and I went down, I will have breakfast at the pool today. Although it was ten o'clock. The house was so quiet without my firends I prepared breakfast and on the table was a note from Jordan, he had left without me, you bastard! was the first thing that came to my mind. Once I finished I lead myself to a chair in the swimming pool, ate in silence and left my plate on a table. I took off my clothes and jumped into the pool, staying under the water for a moment, until my body told me I needed oxygen and I swim back to the surface, only to meet a breathless Zayn.

"Are you okay?" I asked worried.

"You are all right?" He asked, this guy was weird.

"Yes" I said nodding.

"Wow, you scare me" At the time I laughed at the irony. "It wasn't funny, I thought you were drowning," He said seriously but still I could not believe his act of 'I care'.

"As if you cared Zayn" I said still laughing and swimming in my back. I was floating, in the silence that was created.

"Lexi ..." He trail off.

"Yes?" I simply answer, but I got nothing so I decided to walk in the swimming pool to where he was. "Zayn what happens?" I asked, but his eyes never met mine. "You stupid, stop looking at yourself and tell me what happens!" I yelled as I threw a little water to his face.

"Why did you do that?" He questioned after he returned to earth.

"Zayn, you were lost in your own reflection, stop being so vain" I dropped suddenly, something crossed his eyes, a wave of pain, sadness. NO. That was my imagination again.

"I was not seeing my reflection" He said seriously. Then came the awkward silence.

"You give me a hand?" I asked, It just happened that a very good idea came to my mind. He look doubtful but just gave me his hand, then I pull it towards the water and heard a big SPLASH. I started laughing like manic, until he came to the surface and looked at me with hatred.

"THIS WERE NEW DESIGNER CLOTHES!" He screamed, I rolled my eyes.

"STOP BEING SUCH A LITTLE GIRL!" I said in the same tone. “It's just clothes” I said, he still looked pissed.

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