Living Nightmare

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Cori ^^

When we get back from lunch, I climb onto my top bunk and lay down on my stomach. I open the bulky binder stuffed with pages. Looking through the table of contents, I see "youth 107." I flip to that page and start browsing through, not reading word for word.

"Thinking about attending?" Someone asks from next to my bed. I look down and see Cori.

"Ugh I forgot you were here." I scoff looking back to my page.

"Don't worry you'll get used to seeing me if you choose to go to school."

"Yeah and why is that.." I ask him trailing off. My eyes wander to him with a disappointed look on my face. "You're going to school?" I ask raising my eyebrows.

"Yeah I figure I might as well get somewhat of an education."

"That ship has sailed." I retort looking back at the page. Close to the bottom of the page there's a box that says: "Youth Program: ages twelve-seventeen."

"Hey old are you?" I ask hoping he would say above seventeen.

"Seventeen." I drop my head, bury it deep into the pillow, and scream my aggravation out.

"Of course you are." I mumble.

"Why do you think it's called a Youth program? It's for the youth. "

"That's stupid, seventeen isn't a youth age it's a freaking adult." I groan slamming the binder shut and hopping off the bed.

"Yeah well I guess they don't have bright 'adults' here." He replies putting air quotes on adults.

A bell followed by an announcement over the loud speaker interrupts our conversation.

"All kids who are participating in the youth program, report to room 501. Class will be starting in three minutes."

I look over to Monty showing Jasper a card trick. I'd much rather just stay in the dorm and play with them. Then a tall, dark haired guy with big muscles makes his way past the dorm door with a couple books in his hands.

"Holy crap!" I exclaim covering my mouth with my hand once I realized I said that out loud. How was he a student, he looked like he was in his twenties! I scurried out of the door leaving Cori in the dust. I followed the direction of most of the kids walking in the halls and they all went into a room at the end of the hallway. Once I got into the room, I saw that there were desks and a chalkboard. The sight made me want to puke until I saw the guy put his books down on a desk at the front of the classroom.

"Alright class take your seats." The teacher announced who was a man who looked like he was in his forties or so. I sat two seats behind tall, dark, and handsome. "I'm your teacher, Mr. Kendall. Since this is the first day of our program, let's start off with introductions. We'll go down the rows and when we get to you just say your name. Let's start with you." He says pointing to the hottie.

"Derek." The guy says in a beautiful deep voice. I was going to like school. At least that was until...

"Sir you're late." Mr. Kendall says looking to the back of the classroom. I turn around and see Cori walking this way. I face palm my forehead and slouch down in my chair.

"Yeah I got lost." He states and settles down right in front of me.

"Yeah I got lost." I mock in a ratchet tone, one that I thought matched up with Cori very well.

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