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The Rider's Legend

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(1) The Rider's Legend has joined the Paid stories programme as of Decemeber 2019. I am very excited to be a part of this programme and I am so excited that a part of Neely's story has become a part of it.

For you, this means that the first seven chapters are free for you to read and if you enjoy Neely and Nethore's journey, you can purchase the rest with coins.  Your support of me and my stories over the years has meant so much to me and I never would have come this far without your kind words of support and your votes. 

Wattpad has been a part of my life since I was a young teenager, with only vague ideas for stories and now I have readers and supporters and characters whose lives I am deeply invested in. Thank you so much. 

(2) This is the third book in the Rider's Series. The first is 'Fate', the second 'Truth' and they as of now, are free to read. There is a fourth book after 'Legend' which is currently free as-well. 

(3)  Now for the frequently asked questions. 

- What is the paid stories programme? 

The paid stories programme allows readers to support their favourite writers. If you like the sample of the story that is free, you can purchase coins to read the rest of it and support your favourite authors. 

-Does this mean Wattpad is becoming a paid platform? 

There are millions of free stories on Wattpad and this isn't going to change. With the Paid Stories programme, only a small selection of stories will be exclusively available for purchase.  I have several other stories on my account that are available to read for free. 

- Will I see ads on this story?

No, there will be no adds on stories purchased in the Paid Stories Programme. 

- Why did you join this programme? 

As of now, I am a full-time University student and I work part time to get myself through University.  Since the age of fourteen, writing has been a passion of mine and I've been writing and honing that since then. This is an amazing and utterly unbelievable opportunity to earn a little money off something that I have put hours into. Writing takes time and I give it that time whenever I can, spreading my time between three different series.  The amount of research, editing and writing that goes into even one chapter was unimaginable to me before I began this journey.  I joined this programme because it gives me a chance to have a little return on those many hours spent writing and I am taking it gratefully with open hands. 

-How do I join this programme?

I was approached by a Wattpad rep and they invited me to join. From what I know now, it's invitation only but that could change, so keep an eye out.  :)


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