Chapter 21: Judgment of a Bearer

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Two flying spirits rushed up in the sky and began beating each other - one biting, the other pecking, and lacerating one another with their claws.

"Dragon Spirit, Dark Grey Zen shot!" the old man sent a powerful Dark Grey Zen ray towards the opponent.

"White Peacock Spirit, White Zen!" Edmund dodged the Dark Grey Zen shot and directed his White Zen one towards the enemy.

Winds and typhoons emerged in the whole hall. Riza hid behind her Orange Zen shield in order not to get hit by the strong winds. She couldn't utilize her Fire at all, for the strong winds would instantly put it out, or spread it and cause more disaster. She worriedly watched the fight and rooted for her Magister, Edmund Jaeger, while her heart beat nervously:

Go, Magister... I believe in you...

"Libra Style, Keeper Art, Judge Mode - Battler Art Mimics, White Zen Ray!" Edmund shot a giant White Zen ray out of the White Peacock spirit's core and blasted the opponent.

The Dragon spirit covered himself with his wings, but still got hit and sent back into a wall. Marvin sneered:

"You can mimic Battler Art as a Keeper, huh? But now you shall see the true Battler Art! Aquarius Style, Battler Art, Emperor Mode - Celestial Typhoon!" the Dragon spirit opened up its mouth, blasting a strong typhoon which hit Edmund at full force.

"No!" Riza got worked up - it was one of the strongest moves of Aquarius, and shot from the Twelfth Ring Dragon spirit? Edmund wouldn't withstand such a shot!

Indeed, Edmund raised the White Peacock spirit wings, but got shot hard and blasted off to the wall, making a crack in it.

"Ah, no! Magister!"

Marvin laughed with triumph instead:

"Serves you right, cocky brat!" but Edmund still rose to his feet. "Huh? Ugh, you pest!"

Edmund frowningly wiped off his bloodied mouth, recreated his Twelfth Ring White Peacock spirit, and furiously wove a two-finger hand sign:

"Libra Style, Keeper Art, Judge Mode - Singer Art Mimics, Peacock Chant!" 

He opened his mouth, his spirit following after his movements, and let out a gruesome, deafening squeal of a raged peacock. Marvin yelled and covered his ears, blood pouring off them, so strong and terrible the squeal was. Even the hall began shaking! Riza gasped, having her ears covered with the Orange Zen power of the true Singer Art (that was the only reason she didn't get affected by the squeal like her father, because her Singer Art was stronger than the Magister's; apparently, the Magister knew it well and used the power because of such a circumstance). 

He... can mimic both the Battler Art and the Singer Art with his Keeper Art?! Generally, for a Keeper to mimic more than one type of art was a truly difficult task and thus a rare occurrence. I had no idea Magister was so powerful...

Marvin was getting tortured by such a powerful squeal.

"Stop squeaking, you monster bird!" he wove a powerful hand sign: "Aquarius Style, Battler Art, Emperor Mode, Final Craft - Blast of Uranus!" 

Out of the Dragon spirit's mouth, was blasted a powerful light-blue-to-grey ray - the Ray of Uranus. Riza gasped - the blast of a respective planet was the supreme craft for any sign and as the Aquarius Celestial Lord, her father possessed the Blast of Uranus. It would surely kill Edmund who was only Judge Rank of Keeper Class!

"Edmund, look out!" but he could not even move his hands to cover himself with his Peacock spirit wings, so fast he got hit. Dust smoke emerged. Peacock spirit vanished. "No!" Riza covered her mouth with her hands, watching the downed young man, who stood up against the Emperor rank Battler and the Aquarius Lord when he was not even a Sage rank himself, and all that just for her. "No... Edmund..." she glared back at her father with her eyes swollen red from tears: "You fiend!"

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