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Peter's pov
I tucked Holland in bed and looked at the door awaiting Kristen but she isn't up yet.

I went downstairs "Kristen, Kristen," I called while checking the other rooms in the house for her,but no sign of her.

I stopped and saw the door open, the bowl on the floor and water splashed on the floor. I ran outside and look left and right breathing heavily.

No no this can't be happening, not my daughter too,there has been news about missing teenagers whose Bodies were later found ripped in half in the woods and all thrown in one place,a well.

No they can't take my daughter she's the only one I have left since we moved from Atlanta to Dallas.

And I made a promise to her dying mother that I would always keep her safe and now she's gone, just gone.

I felt like crying but I had to be a man.i rushed in and dialed my department.
"Hello patty" we have a case of another missing teenager,my daughter."

It's morning, eyes fluttered open and I saw my self being treated by a doctor
I couldn't move it's like my whole body was static.

The doctor placed a hot rag on my forehead, I started breathing less and feeling dizzy but still my eyes were still open.

I blinked and saw myself somewhere else but a street in a Dallas

People were screaming and running, people were falling and being stepped on by other people, I turned and was breathing heavily what's going on, what's happening
"Death" I heard an unknown voice say from behind me. "Who said that?" I asked and turned

"You" the voice replied "but I didn't say anything?" I said in disagreement, am I going crazy what's going on "who are you" I yelled but no reply

The cloud became foggy and wolves came out snarling, they started dashing towards me I screamed but they just ran past me causing a heavy wind to blow me to the side.

They ran after people, but not just people, teenagers, something is strange, they smelt the teenagers before tearing them apart, it's like they are looking for some something, they released some teenagers and ripped some.

I blinked and came back to reality, my hair was wet and I was sweating profusely,
"There there, darling it's okay now tell me what did you see?" The doctor asked

"D-d-d-dying te-teenagers" I said weakly, my hair now dripping more water than before the pillow is getting soaked

The doctor let out a loud laugh and caressed my hair "darling, ta ta ta" he clicked his tongue.

"Those aren't just ordinary teenagers darling" he explained

"Th-th-then who are they" I asked feeling dizzy

"About to be dead ones and you are one of them" he chuckled and packed his kit
"See you around" he said and Peter opened the door.

"Thank you doctor" Peter appreciated and thanked the doctor by giving him an handshake "Please let me escort you out" Peter said and opened the door.
The doctor looked at me, his eyes flashed red and he smirked.

I heard a voice in my head just like the doctor's voice
"I will be watching you".

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