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Darly's pov
I woke up and entered my bathroom and sighed,I removed my shirt revealing a bite I got yesterday from the wolf I fought with.

It hurts but not as much as it is hurting right now,it's healing but slower, I entered the shower and opened the faucet causing the water to run across my body.

I shampooed my hair to remove dirt and make it smell nice.i brushed my teeth. I took the first aid kit in my closet and took a bandage.

I wrapped it around my stomach where the bite was and wore a white shirt and grey joggers. I wouldn't say cause I got one bite I wouldn't wear white. It's my best colour

"That's stupid of you" my wolf Said, "shut up Ian" I growled and he just kept mute.

I went downstairs to see everyone having breakfast, "hey sweetie" my mom greeted and I just looked at her.

"What's wrong?" She asked,am pretty sure she noticed the kind of eye I gave her when she greeted me.

"Everything is wrong, I wasn't called for breakfast and you are wearing makeup,it's so unlike you" I said in disgust.

"I just wanted you to relax, I was thinking you might have a lot on your mind after the camping incident, and I just felt like looking good" she explained while stabbing a pea with her fork.

"Well since you are up just join us for breakfast" my sister Camille said, on a normal day my sister is a snub and annoying, all these niceness is not for free.

"Thanks, I will pass" I replied and gave Camille one last look before walking out of the house.

I took out my phone and called Travis "hey man" I greeted while getting on my bike
"Hey daryl" he greeted, his voice is kinda raspy am guessing he's just waking up.

Travis is my best friend,I wouldn't trade him for the world.
"We need to talk, meet me at Mavis's coffee shop " I said and hung up.

I revved up my bike zoomed out off.

I opened my eyes and got up from the bed, I examined the room, I can't actually see well but at least I can see somethings.

I went downstairs, "Kristen,Mr McCall, anyone" I yelled but no reply, am guessing no one's home.

My stomach rumbled in hunger, I haven't had anything since yesterday, I opened the fridge to get skimmed milk, I closed the fridge and turned and am in another place.

I turned around to observe the place, am in the woods, I saw a blue light, I tried to touch it but then it disappeared and reappeared again.

It was moving in a particular direction,am guessing it wants me to follow it, I followed it, it's so dark, I can barely see.

I was walking gently and holding trees to aid my walking step, the blue light finally stopped by a well.

The odour coming out of the well is unstoppable, it smells so bad even an air freshener can't cure it. If I was a mad scientist I could use that smell to take over the world. Ha!

The blue light was above the well, it wants me to look in it, oh holy shit even a dead fish doesn't smell this bad.

My cheeks were turning green, I think am gonna puke.

I held my breathe and peeped into the well and saw the other half bodies of the dead teenagers. I couldn't hold it any longer, I screamed and came back to reality, I was still holding the milk.

I was sweating, I dropped the milk and held the table, I was trying to catch my breath, it's like time travelling.

"Now that you know where the bodies are, find your friend and save her" a voice said,

"Who are you, and which of my friends?" I asked

"Don't ask yourself who you are, I am you, save Kristen or she will rot like those teenagers." The voice said and vanished.

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