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Peter's pov
I escorted the doctor and and went inside to call patty

"Hey patty how's the missing poster going" I asked

"Almost done,I just need some information, how old is she?, what time was she missing? And how sure are you that she's missing and didn't run away" patty asked from the phone

"She's 18 years old,she was missing around 10:30pm, and am extremely sure she didn't run away, she's not that kind of kid,I sent her to go get me water and when I got downstairs the door was opened, water splattered everywhere" I explained

Kristen would never run away, she hardly socialize, I would have said she snuck out to a party, but no she hates parties too.

"Okay sir,the printing will be out soon and as our deputy we will organize search parties to look for her this night" patty assured me

"Oh thank you so much" I replied and hung up, the excitement in my voice died when I started thinking, is she dead or is she about to die, is she okay?, oh my baby.

I miss her so much, but I have hope will find her. I went up to check Holland but she's fast asleep, I just closed the door gently and sighed.

Eva's pov
"Dont tell me to calm down, I need to find my daughter,I heard everyone in her camp died but I don't think my daughter is dead" I yelled in disagreement with my husband.

"Don't worry we will find Holland okay" he assured me while holding my shoulders, am scared, so scared she can't die. She's my only daughter.

"I will give deputy Peter a call to help us file a missing report" he said and called Peter

"Hello, yeah please I need to file a missing report about my daughter holland" he said while rubbing his forehead

"She's with me, am taking care of her, I met her running out of the woods late at night yesterday,she was in shock but am taking care of her now" Peter replied from the phone.

"Oh thanks a lot deputy we will be at your office in a sec" my husband said and hung up.

"So?" I asked curiously, and he turned with a big smile on his face.

"He found her, she escaped from camp, he saw her on the road and he helped her" he replied

"My daughter is alive!,she's alive" I said excitedly, and went in to grab my purse,"Let's go to his office now" I said and ran out of the house and entered the car

My husband got in and I drove off. I can't believe she's alive.

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